How to Qualify in the Order Now App? – Rate your Order Easily (Example)

A good home service application always has within its interface, an option that allows customer interaction. The company-client relationship must be clear, in such a way as to promote a process of improvement in favor of both parties. Actions such as qualifying in the Orders App Now to value an order, are crucial.

It allows assess the performance of a specific delivery person, in a way that may or may not be rewarded better. Explaining the importance of qualifying an order can take a long time, but the remarkable thing about it is that regardless of the result of the score, it will act as an irrefutable mechanism for improvement afterwards.

Before qualifying in the Order Now App, find out how to access this platform

To have access to this application and everything that is included with it, you must first meet some basic requirements. Obviously, to use the service you must be of legal age or otherwise, have parental permission, since the process consists of dealing with strangers (no matter how much they wear uniforms) and handling money.

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If everything is in order with respect to the previous point, The following is to access your website and complete the registration through Google or Facebook, depending on the option you prefer and with which you feel most comfortable for the moment.

start the ordering app now

Once this is done, then it is time to proceed to download the application, either for Android or iOS. Yes indeed, the Android operating system must have an edition higher than 4.2, while in the case of iOS, its operating system version must be higher than 4S for it to work perfectly.

Download the application from the Google Play Store or App Store and no matter which one you choose, the process will start in a matter of seconds. At the end, you will be able to access it without problems and begin to familiarize yourself with the application in general, not without first confirming your geolocation (remember to activate your gps for this function) as the main alcabala in the application.

Its interface is quite intuitive, so there will be no loss within it. All you have to do is locate the desired restaurant within its ranks, order the desired dish, select a payment method and finally accept that the order begins its journey from its origin to your home.

What do I have to do to qualify for Order Now?

After having downloaded the application and successfully registered on its website, now it’s time to start ordering. Soon, you will be able to start qualifying in the Order Now App.

At the beginning of the process, when the location is added, that is to say both address and city, it is not just by chance. This has a greater purpose than greatly speeds up the stay within the application.

gps icon on mobile

What does this mean? Well, it means that by means of that location on the map, a series of offers and nearby restaurants will be displayed with the best possible rating within the platform as such, waiting to be used in order to guarantee good service to its customers.

On the other hand, to start qualify in the Order Now AppFirst, you must choose a prospect from your catalog. If the previous suggestions of the application are not to your liking or taste of the moment, you can use this menu.

Select the same and make special emphasis on the menu of the day. Choose the preparations you need from the list of culinary options and add them to the cart with the order information. If this is fulfilled successfully, in the end the platform will let you rate in the Order Now App and in that way, make your experience known with everything. In fact, if you want to make a claim to OrdersYa, you can also do it with ease.

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