How to Rate a Purchase Made in Rappi with which I am Satisfied

If you have asked yourself how rate a purchase made on Rappi What am I satisfied with? You have to know that there is a widely used method that is offered by the application itself. Likewise, if you have the Prime service, you can access even more options.

At the time of place an order through RappiIt is very common to want to evaluate it, either because it arrived on time or not, in this case, we are offered a simple evaluation system, which can be very useful to help the delivery person in his career. If for any reason the options that we will mention do not come out, you can always contact customer service.

Why can it be useful for me to rate a purchase made in Rappi?

Ratings on Rappi As in many similar sites, they have the purpose of evaluating the work and dedication of each of the workers, so it is very important that customers take the trouble to provide a rating for the service that is being provided. .

In this way, and given that each dealer has his own individual code, Rappi can realize which are the most optimal workers and which ones perform the most, thus helping him to have extra remuneration and higher income for offer customers excellent service.

Or if, on the contrary, there is someone who does not comply with the standards of customer serviceWhether it takes a long time to make a delivery, makes the delivery incomplete or simply provides poor service to customers, then these ratings help to report these failures and make the corresponding corrections.

rate a purchase made rappi with which I am satisfied

Finally, the rating service helps customers have greater satisfaction, since at all times you can check the history of the dealer. In addition, being aware of what is happening at Rappi can help you earn coupons to make your purchases even more enjoyable.

How to rate a restaurant?

When shopping in restaurants, we are offered the entire menu of products that it has available, so we can buy anything that appears here, totally resembling as if we were in person in the restaurant.

If we open the products section, we will notice that at the end of the letter, we will find a button or box, intended for the establishment rating, giving us the possibility to rate the business premises positively or negatively.

You should consider that from 3 points in the qualification, is considered as neutral or good, and less than 3 points is already a low rating, which can derive from poor service or the client not feeling completely comfortable.

At the end of choosing how many points we want to give the restaurant, we will only have to tap on the box below that will say ‘qualify’, with this our assessment will be sent to the server in charge for this, and can be read later by Rappi employees.

How to evaluate any purchase made in Rappi?

A good way to maximize your purchases and keep everything up to date in your home is to use the Rappi credits, with which you can make purchases immediately without having a balance on your card. The constant use of them will make your reputation as a buyer increase quickly and you will have access to more benefits.

rate a purchase on rappi

If you want to rate something other than restaurants, you should know that this is just as fast and easy, and that you can do everything through the app. In case of having the program fully updated to its latest version, you will notice that in the bottom is a menu with various icons, you must press the one with the symbol of headphones.

By entering this section, you can see your most recent purchases, and you can add a rating to each of them, no matter how long they have been made but that they appear on the list, from here you can evaluate purchases of measurements, food purchases or any other service that the company is offering.

The steps remain the same, and the same very comfortable wayIn some reviews, you can make use of emoticons to express joy, neutrality or anger.

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