How to Rate iTunes Songs with Stars Using Half Stars? (Example)

As is well known, iTunes is a platform that serves as a multimedia player and store developed by said company; In it you can log in from your iPhone or from your PC. It allows you to have a large amount of current music available within the same collection or to rate them according to a predetermined ranking. You can even rate iTunes songs with stars using Half Stars.

Generally, the basic outline for demarcating a specific punctuation for a song describes 6 levels, from 0 to 5. Sometimes, a song does not deserve a 4 point rating, but it is not sticky enough, good or according to the user’s tastes to receive a resounding 5, hence the importance of the Half system Stars.

What do I need to know to rate iTunes songs with stars using Half Stars?

Thanks to its factory settings, iTunes has a preset rating or scoring system based on 5 stars. This means that the user can only assign a full star to a certain song within that parameter or standard according to how they heard what they heard.

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For music lovers, this can be a bit tedious at times, as it develops a feeling of dissatisfaction when it comes to scoring. So Apple allows working with a rating system with «Half star», This innovative alternative seeks to satisfy its most demanding users.

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Before knowing how to rate songs on iTunes with stars using Half Stars, you must first bear in mind that it is a trick that lies hidden in plain sight. As a secondary aspect, you must have iTunes on a Windows Vista computer onwards (Here you can know all the versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system) or MacOS preferably to start with the process in question.

Just as you should know the existing versions of Windows, you should also know how many versions of Mac OS exist, thus avoiding confusion.

If you are attentive, you will be able to intuit that currently it is not an alternative to follow for the iPhone, iPad or iPod, so you depend on your computer. Mainly it is because these devices cannot read the special command as they are not prepared or intended for it. Resulting in a blank where should be the fraction «1/2» (half).

On the other hand, it does not mean that this greatly affects the operation of iTunes from the named devices. On the contrary, you will be able to continue using the traditional system without much difficulty or learn to rate songs on iTunes with stars using Half Stars from your computer.

How to use ‘Half Stars’ in iTunes for MacOS?

Half star ratings are not turned on by default. Apple and iTunes offer some explanations to make sense of this initial setup. However, users are free to enable this extension or not to rate songs on iTunes with stars using Half Stars.

In the event that iTunes is open on your MacOS computer, close it immediately to accommodate the initial part of the procedure. Click on «Applications / Utilities» and then double click «”To open the terminal window, the place selected to host the indicated command.

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Write default write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE, or you can choose to copy and paste the message from this tutorial. Press «Enter» so that the window closes and you may be able to start iTunes once more, with the difference that now you can rate with half stars.

How to use ‘Half Stars’ in iTunes for Windows?

The initial step is to ensure that iTunes is closed, then press «Start (Windows Logo)» and type «cmd» in «Search programs and files.» Right-clicking on the icon that appears on the screen, you will open a series of options, being «Execute as an administrator» the next to press.

According to the version of Windows (64 or 32 bits), type «C: Program FilesiTunes.exe» / setPrefInt allow-half-stars 1 for 64-bit edition or «C: Program Files (x86) iTunesiTunes.exe» / setPrefInt allow-half-stars 1 for the remaining option.

Ready! Upon completing all the steps, you will undoubtedly be able to run and customize your iTunes and dedicate yourself to rating songs. Remember to enjoy the process of awarding your scores thanks to your new command.

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