How to Read and Reply to Messages on WhatsApp without Appearing Online on Android or iPhone? (Example)

WhatsApp Messenger It is today the most popular communications platform that exists and therefore many users access it to stay connected 24 hours a day. Within the platform we can find tools that allow us to configure and customize the details of our chats, but there are still points in the system that have not been resolved.

Many users have the need to read and reply to messages by hiding the online or by typing to other users if they have seen them and that is why in this article we will help you with some tricks to be able to read messages and respond without your contacts seeing you online.

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Techniques that work for Android and iOS

Message preview

To read messages that come to us from our contacts on WhatsApp we must use the pop-up notifications, these are the ones we view with the phone locked. On the iOS platform we must activate the notifications by entering the menu of “Settings” and check the option “enable notifications”.

  • In the Android platform it is necessary to enter the application settings, then select the option “notifications”, there go to the tab “Pop-up notifications” and when entering we must select “always show pop-up element”.
  • By making these modifications and providing access to the WhatsApp application, it will allow us to view pop-up notifications when our screen is totally blocked, but only the message will appear to be read and we will not be able to answer the messages from there.

Airplane mode

This trick allows us view WhatsApp messages without being seen and this consists of deactivating our mobile connection, since in this way the sending of a notification to the sender of said chat will be prevented. In a few steps you will be able to read your messages without appearing online.

  • To begin we must ensure that when the notification arrives you will not even have to unlock the cell phone.
  • Then you will activate the airplane mode on your mobile phone, you will open WhatsApp and you will read your messages and you will be able to reply whatever you want, since the mobile data will be inactive.
  • At the end you must close the application and you can deactivate the airplane mode whenever you want and there your messages will go out to their recipients immediately, but you will prevent someone from seeing you connected.
  • With this trick you can achieve temporary invisibility since when you deactivate airplane mode your mobile will send and receive messages as well as notifications and alerts from other applications.

Option “do not show last time online”

  • To activate this option we must enter the WhatsApp application, if you still do not have it, you can download WhatsApp from the Play Store. Then open the “configuration tab.
  • In ios We will see in the navigation bar that is in the list of chats, where we find options for calls, contacts, favorites, chats and configuration, in this last option we must click.
  • If you have device Android We must enter the configuration menu that on this platform is indicated in the upper right corner with the 3-point image.
  • Within the configuration menu we will find various options and you will have to select “account”, then we will click on the tab “Privacy”.
  • This is where you can select who you will show your last time online and status, as well as your profile picture. We will click on the “nobody” option.

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WhatsApp Ninja

This application allows you to stay hidden to send and read messages within WhatsApp, which is ideal for those users who need to give privacy to their profile. To use this application, you must download and install it on your mobile device in order to use it. This is a recommended option so that your contacts cannot see if you are online and to be able to protect your privacy in a simple way, without so many steps to follow.

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