How to read SMS or Text Messages from PC with Google Messages

The great company of Google does not stop developing applications capable of optimize the performance of certain actions, today it has managed to create applications capable of doing practically anything, from storing files, photos, videos or any multimedia file with the Google Photos application, to the company’s own messaging applications.

the communication between people from anywhere in the world, well-known and widely used applications such as WhatsApp, however today we will talk about the Google messaging application, known as Google Messages.

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What is Google Messages?

Google Messages is an application that focuses on SMS instant messaging developed by the great company Google, this application was created for all Android devices, and also has more than one billion installations around the world, unlike other messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram, Google Messages is capable of working without internet, consuming minutes directly from the rent of the telephone plan that the mobile device has.

You can find the Google Messages application through the official store of Google Play StoreAlthough it is installed by default on certain devices, such is the case with most Android smartphones from the well-known Xiaomi brand.

Furthermore, this application is capable of being downloaded and used directly from your computer, unlike WhatsApp Web, which only works if the phone is connected to the internet.

Google Messages has the download option for computers to be able to use it at any time from your PC, Most users are unaware of this function and do not know how to download Google Messages on their computers, if this is your case, do not worry, in this article we will teach you cHow to read text or SMS messages from PC with Google Messages.

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How can we read text messages or SMS from the PC with Google Messages

Carrying out this action is really simpler than you think, the main thing to be able to do it is to have your phone, a computer and a good internet connection, to be able to start sending Google Messages on your PC follow the following steps:

  • You must first have the Google Messages application downloaded on your Android device.
  • To do this, go to the Google Play Store and type Google Messages in the search panel.
  • Press on the application to access its information and description.
  • Once you are in this section, click on the button “install”
  • After having the application downloaded on your device, synchronize your data and register to start sending messages through the same application

Start sending Google Messages from your PC

There are several methods to start using Google Messages from your computer, one of them is to use it directly from the website Accessing the messages option for the Web located in the upper right corner of the platform, in this option you will have to scan the qr code with your mobile device to be able to link the account to it, a function very similar to that of WhatsApp Web.

To start sending messages from your PC once we have linked our phone, we will simply have to click on the blue tab that says “Start Chat”, then we look for the number, name or email of the person with whom we want to talk, in this section we can also see the groups or chats to which we currently belong.

After having chosen the person with whom we want to chat, write the message you want to send, then click on the button “Send SMS” which is represented in a blue triangle with a paper plane icon, pressing the button will send the message that we have written, and it will appear in the chat or conversation, in addition, the Google Messages application also allows us to send multimedia files .

To do this, click on the option that says “add file” and after that we select the file from our gallery that we want to send, after having sent it we can see it in the chat

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