How to Read the Marseilles Tarot Cards and the Meaning of Each of the Cards

The wisdom of old french tarot, or Marseille lies in the power of interpretation that the reader possesses or can develop. The shooter must be subject to the most subtle and forceful perceptions that the cards throw at him. For this purpose the Tarot de Marseille has a way of reading that can be ambiguous as a result of not knowing the meaning of its cards.

The canon of the Tarot de Marseille is subject to structure and hierarchy, for the reasons it is divided into two, its representative symbols will be the guides of the interpretations that the reader will make, but knowing how to read the essential as well as the meaning of the arcana. For this, there are technological platforms that help us

YouTube is a good tool, but through the Play Store we can navigate and we will find applications that facilitate the study of the ancient art of tarot we just have to know how to find and download them correctly on our mobile. Ancient art is now permeated with the modern.

How to read the Marseilles Tarot cards, and to do this, to have them physically?

It would be the most recommended, try to find a place near you or in the vicinity of your town, you can use Google Maps to explore the area, but make sure it is properly updated. Once you go and get the tarotYou must know how to read it, from the mixing of the letters to the printing, like all art, it has its technique.

different tarot cards of marseille

Within cartomancy, this is one of the popular ones, due to its ancestry, and its strong iconographic representation that dates back to the Middle Ages and the centuries of artistic flourishing, is organized in 78 letters, which in turn are hierarchical in major arcana, and minors. The reading varies according to the issue, but always subject to ritualism and respect for the arcana.

You must shuffle before reading, and think about what ails you, it can be read for yourself or for third parties, everything will go in the capacity of perception, since it is linked with elements of psychological root that it is essential to keep in mind. Divide the shuffled deck and spread it out according to the corresponding ritualism, for this you need to have searched the guide applications previously.

Does reading the Marseilles tarot make me believe in mysticisms?

Not really, how do you interpret the random results when the cards come outIt will be a silent reflection of your internal emotional and psychological processes, it can be used for the deep study of human character, either collective or individual, therefore, reading the Marseille tarot can be a tool for psychoanalysis.

hands with a deck of tarot cards from marseille

Many people with the technological boom seek the virtual to escape the physical, therefore the study of their behaviors will not be subject only to their actions, it will also be to their publications.

WhatsApp and its statuses for example, are a clear example. There many see a way out of the everyday and unknowingly publish the shock of their mind, to make a social study of this phenomenon It is necessary to know how to download WhatsApp statuses to be able to keep a record.

The meaning of the arcana of the tarot of Marseille

The Tarot of Marseilles is formed by major and minor arcanaWithin the order of the elderly we are going to come across different pictorial and iconoclastic elements that are not only structured by the figure, but also by their significance:

  • Genesis: that is to say, the principle, ruled by the Magician, which is the first earthly action.
  • Control: given by its three dimensions: The Popes (knowing), The Empress (acting), The Emperor (emotionality).
  • Expression: The Pope (wisdom), El Enamorado (emotionality), El Carro (performance and / or action).
  • Can: Justice (knowing the human), Hermit (feeling), Wheel of fortune (realization).
  • Acceptance: Strength (study), Hanging (emotional action)
  • Transmutation: Death (change), Temperance (knowledge), Devil (the common emotional)
  • Reaction: Tower (act), Star (meet), Moon (emotion)
  • Release: Sun (realization), Judgment (knowing), Crazy (sentimentality)
  • Synthesis: World (includes feeling, acting and knowing).

The minor arcana They are governed by layers or groups, called Palos, which in turn are made up of tribes of ten symbolized as: Jack, Knight, King and Queen. In the forms of Gold, Cups, Swords and Wands.

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