How to Receive and Send Messages with Android Auto with Voice – Step by step

Android Auto has come within the reach of those Android users to make life easier for them, and it is an excellent tool that allows you to keep in touch safely while driving.

The Android Auto app allows the user place it in your car for better system management, since many drivers find it confusing to use their vehicle’s system and decide to do it in a simpler way similar to an Android mobile.

Surely you are here to learn about this system, for your luck we have prepared this article where we will show you how send and receive messages using Android Auto and everything you need to know about this great system.

How to receive and send dictated messages with your voice without problems

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Among the functions of Android Auto, we have voice dictation, a very functional tool that allows us to perform tasks through a voice command system while driving. With this service it is possible to call, send messages or communicate in any way safely.

To make sure this feature is enabled correctly we must verify that our connection o the equipment we are using is fully functional; Also, make sure that our microphone works correctly as it is the most essential part of activating voice commands.

If we want to access these functions, we must learn a series of voice dictations that will enable us to carry out different tasks.

panel android auto apps

Choose number and contact

Simply we will have to have the phone number registered and the person’s contact information. We will ask the assistant to open the ‘Contacts’ application and then we will dictate to search for the required contact.


  1. Say «OK Google»
  2. Gave «Answer”The system will automatically send you the last message you received.
  3. Android Auto will repeat your message and confirm to send it.

Steps to send and receive messages from Android Auto.

To send and receive messages using Android Auto you must follow very simple steps that we will show you below. An important aspect that you must take into account when sending a message using this system is that you have a connection equipment in good condition, with functional microphone, otherwise your communication may be affected. To send messages you must:

Activate ‘OK Google’

  1. Say “OK Google” out loud or select the microphone.
  2. Then say out loud “Send message to”Followed by the contact you want to communicate with. For instance:
    • «Send a message to María Ríos»
    • «Send text message to 565656»
    • «Send a message to María Ríos by WhatsApp»
  3. The next step will be for Android Auto to respond by asking you to say the message you want to send.
  4. Android Auto will repeat the message and after you have confirmed the message say out loud «Send», «Modify the message» or «Cancel».

As you can see, sending messages through Android Auto can be fun, although if you do not have practice it may cost you a bit, but in a short time you will know how to do it freely. In addition, if you do not like the assistant, you can easily change the assistant for another.

To receive messages you must activate the notifications, they will appear at the top of your screen for a few seconds, you just have to select the notification to listen to it.

How to sync Android Auto with your mobile device

The most important to take into account the requirements that we request for synchronization:

  • The compatibility of this service with your car; having verified this, we can begin the process.
  • Have the Android Auto application installed in addition to being updated to its latest version.
  • Make sure the phone has a working Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

We will start by starting the car and starting; we stop and we will leave on while the connection is made. We connect the USB cable to the vehicle, as well as to the mobile. Next, a series of instructions will appear, of which we will only have to follow the steps. At the end of this process, Android Auto will be synchronized with your mobile device.

How does Android Auto work?

Android Auto technology allows you to enjoy safety while driving, as it is a system that minimizes distractions. It was created especially for drivers to keep their eyes on the road, their hands on the wheel, and thus avoid accidents.

The amazing Android Auto system takes the characteristics of an Android mobile and directs them directly to the dashboard of your car.

The interface of this system is very simple, it has large icons so that from your seat you can view them without problems. Its last update was made in 2019, that means that it is not outdated at all, we are sure that if you design it you will love it. In addition, it has a widget located at the bottom that allows you to control the media.

use android auto finger hand

One of the best features that Android Auto offers, such as listening to music while driving, is its navigation system, since This navigation system goes hand in hand with Google Maps giving you directions and alternative routes to avoid traffic. Best of all, it collects the destinations saved on your phone and gives you immediate help.

With which phone can I activate Android Auto?

Now that you know a little more about Android Auto, you will surely die to use it, but what phones are compatible? Any Android 5.0 and later phone with an active data plan that allows you to run Android Auto.

For those who have Android 9 or lower versions and want to use Android Auto, all they have to do is download the Android Auto application. The best is that it’s completely free, so they can locate the app in the Google Play Store without problems. Android 10 users will not have to do it as it is already incorporated with the system.

For successfully connect to your car, the device must have a functional USB port, but many models allow you to connect via wireless connection.

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