How to Record PUBG with OBS or Make Videos for YouTube – Set OBS

Recording PUBG with OBS is a very simple and very useful process if you want to make videos for YouTube. For this reason we invite you to read this article with which you will learn how to record PUBG with OBS or make videos for YouTube – Set OBS

What is PUBG?

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is a very attractive video game for users who are inclined to the theme that already offers a complex interface similar to the one shown when playing Garena Free Fire on a video console or Xbox.

pubg game

PUBG is in the first places of popularity and this has allowed developers to include improvements and various features in its Battle Royale mode. In addition, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is quite attractive to users because it allows missions to be carried out in the online shooter format.

What is OBS?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. This is an application created by OBS Project that focuses on open source to be able to record and transmit content on the internet. In this regard, OBS facilitates the process of real-time image capture, video recording and transmission. It is even possible to put background music for a YouTube live.

This process is carried out through the RTPM protocol “Real Time Messaging Protocol” and can send content to any destination such as YouTube as well as Daily Motion and Twitch.

How to Record PUBG with OBS or Make Videos for YouTube – Set OBS

If you want to record PUBG with OBS or make videos for YouTube it is necessary configure OBS and follow a series of steps which we will explain in detail below.

Download OBS Studio on your computer

To be able to PUBG with OBS you need download the OBS Studio app from the official website of the OBS Project. Press the “Windows”, “Mac OS” or “Linux” button depending on your operating system. Once you get the file run it and wait until the installation is complete.

Create a new profile

Open the OBS Studio application and create a new profile. To do this, click on “Profile” and select “New”. Assign a name that identifies your profile and press “OK.” The profile you just created will automatically be activated.

How to configure OBS

Go to the “File” menu and click “Settings.” Then, select the “Output” tab and in “Output mode” choose “Advanced”. Then, press the “Recording” tab and choose the route where you want to save the video. In “Video format”, choose “Mp4” and in “Audio tracks” mark the option “1”. If you are going to record your voice, choose option “2” so that it supports the microphone.

obs logo

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Later, in the “Encoder” option choose “P264” and in “Change the output scale” choose the option “1280x720p”. In “Bit Rate” write 20000. Go to the “Audio” tab and choose “320” for track 1 and track 2 (optional). Give each one a name and press “Apply.” You can even put the chat on a live from the broadcast tab.

Modify the audio and video.

Locate the “Audio” section in “Settings.” There, select speakers and microphone that you are going to use to record the video. Then, in the “Video” section, mark 1280x720p for the “Base Resolution” and likewise for “the output format”. Locate “Common FPS Values” and choose the option “48” FPS and, finally, press the “Apply” and “OK” button. You can also add shortcuts to the settings but this is optional.

Add a font

On the OBS Studio main screen, locate “Sources” and press the “+” button and there choose “Capture Window”. Enter a new name and click “OK.” You will see a properties window where you must select the emulator window in “Window”. Immediately, you will see the video game on a small screen and press the “Accept” button.

Adjust the screen with the mouse to extend, move and adjust the screen according to your preferences. You will see that the emulator frame is red and delimits the image of the video game that you are going to record.

Record PUBG with OBS

Finally, for record PUBG with OBS just press the “Start Recording” button at the bottom right of the OBS Studio interface.

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