How to Recover and Remove Ban from a Suspended or Disabled Grindr Account

Grindr, one of the world’s largest dating apps for gaysIn addition to Badoo, Tinder has a number of users of 28 million people. And it’s not just quantity that’s what influences Grindr, it’s also how long users stay online.

Some people last connected for up to 54 continuous minutes, the app is made to chat, send photos, audios, gifs, etc. Remembering that it allows you to know the location of the people around you.

Users have an average age between 21 and 35 years. The social network is defined as a network for dating gay and bisexual men. This is the most famous network today.

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The network has two different types, there is the free one with the basic functions of the app and the Grindr Xtra, in which gives you many more options in the search filters, lets you remove the GPS from Grindr and lets you send more stuff when chatting.

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Grindr has an easy-to-use platform and it is easy to break the ice in your conversations, the program is very stable and that allows us to chat directly with people who are close to us. This makes it attract and reach more people, so much so that the creators who enter their page an average of up to 3,000 people a week say.

Why are accounts on Grindr suspended?

It can be for any kind of reason, that is, usually an account is banned for inappropriate content, for having many reports from different people, for spamming a user or even illegal activities have been seen, luckily there are people who report the account and immediately the administrators review the sanction, if it is something very serious they will be banned from Grindr .

Even if the account has just been created, this raises many more suspicions Therefore, it does not matter if it has been created for hours, it will be banned in the same way.

Nevertheless, administrators say they don’t like sanctions, because they imagine the situation of the person, so if you are a person who is doing any of these reasons, run and delete all this content, so you will not have to give the administrators bad times and you will save those moments for you too.

How to prevent Grindr account from being suspended?

Grindr’s terms and guidelines are there to adhere to, so the best option is to follow the guidelines and they will never bother you. If so, enjoy talking to other users. You can follow the following points to prevent a suspension:

  • Be totally original, You should not sell or promote any type of product, it is a network to link not to sell.
  • Note that you are responsible for everything that happens and happens in your account.

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How to recover my Grindr account?

If you think that your ban or disabling of the account for an unfair reasonYou can send a claim through the same page, likewise if you have your account linked to Facebook, remember that you can put your Facebook account in private, you could also write to them through this means. After submitting this claim you must wait for a response from the moderators.

There are different ways to recover the account if it has been banned or permanently disabled, we will give you some options that could help you:

  • Delete the app and all the information you have on your phone from the application, and re-enter.
  • Format your phone and download the app again.
  • Change your VPN to a country other than the one where you were using the app before it happened to you.
  • If you are using Grindr outside of your country and you get banned there, don’t worry, when you return to your original country you will be able to use it normally.
  • If they only banned the account and not directly the cell phone, you can use another email.

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