How to Recover Apple ID Account if I Forgot Password? – Step by step guide (Example)

Apple has always been concerned about giving its customers quality in its services that is why it has created Apple ID a system where you can access all the tools such as: iCloud, Face Time, App Store, App Music and more.

Of course within this system there is personal information, as well as the settings for the different devices, either iPhone, iPad or Mac. If you are an Apple user, you may be interested in knowing how to log in with your Apple ID on your iPhone.

This represents an advantage since with only one access key you can access all Apple services to be able to easily manage these tools.

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Remember that the ID is translated as the user’s identification within Apple systems, there you need an access code, to enjoy these magnificent functions, also there is personal information, as well as the configuration that you chose. If you don’t have an ID account yet, here we show you how to create a free Apple ID account without a credit card from your PC.

But as happens on some occasions, it may happen that we forget the password to enter our Apple ID, now how do we enter and to recover the account?

We are going to explain how to do it, there is four ways to recover our password:

  1. Through email
  2. Security questions
  3. Two-step verification.
  4. Visit the official Apple site.

First way: Reset password via email

Reset password via Apple ID email

It is one of the most common ways to do it since it is very easy, we explain it to you:

Step 1

You are in your Apple ID, then you choose to reset password.

Step 2

Now you write your ID and mark the following question: Forgot your Apple ID?

Step 3

Here you mark the option for authentication by emailNow you give it next, Apple will send the email to your main address or to the new one.

Step 4

In your email Apple will send a link with which you can reset the password.

Step 5

There the Apple ID will open where you write the new entry key and press reset, now you can enter your account.

Second way: Reset password with security questions

With this recovery method you put your memory to the test, but it is one of the fastest.

Step 1

You go to your Apple ID, then choose to reset password.

Step 2

Now you write your ID and mark the following question, have you forgotten your Apple ID?

Step 3

At this point you choose to «answer security questions» then next marks.

Step 4

Now you say «date of birth”And then select next.

Step 5

At this time answer the security questions

Step 6

After answering correctly you put a new password and mark reset password, Now you can enter Apple ID.

Third way: Reset password by two-step verification method

Mobile in hand Apple ID account settings

With this way it is also a security guarantee for Apple ID users, you also have to have an associated device so that a text message can reach you.

Step 1

You must enter your recovery key.

Step 2

In a device that you have previously selected you will receive a verification code,

Step 3

You have to write this code.

Step 4

Now you put the new key and mark reset passwords. You can now enter your Apple ID.

Fourth way: Recover the account by entering the official Apple site

This method is our last option, it is a bit time consuming as all personal information needs to be verified.

Step 1

Enter Apple’s official site.

Step 2

Provide all the information they request, until the system verifies that you are the owner of the account.

Step 3

After that you can change Password and enter your session.

In these four ways you will make it possible to change and recover your account ID from Apple.

We invite you to read this article to get information on how to create an Apple account with a new ID.

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