How to Recover Deleted Downloads Folder on Mac – Step by Step

You have accidentally deleted a file from your computer and you don’t know how to recover it, this article will help you rrecover it in a very simple way. We will explain how to restore your Mac’s download folder, the steps to describe are safe and reliable, so let’s not wait any longer and let’s get started.

The vast majority of users using a Mac computer use the Downloads folder to delete files that are unnecessary. However, it is also possible that delete the download folder accidentally, this would imply deleting all the download files. Even if you use the wrong command in the terminal, the copy and paste options may end up deleting this folder.

Where are deleted files hosted on Mac?

Files deleted from a Mac are simply hosted directly in the Recycle Bin, but there are certain processes that can kill them completely. For example, use «Option + Command + Delete», «Empty trash», «Command + Delete, these are some, now we show you how to recover the download folder.

How to recover the download folder of your Mac?

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Before we begin we want to first understand the basic factors of deleting the «Downloads» folder on your Mac computer.

  1. When is the download folder deleted? still existing as a hidden file on your computer.
  2. That if you are going to recover said folder you will have to stop doing any other activity on the computer. And what if the data does not do this they will be overwritten and will not recover.

Now let’s go to the steps you will need to recover your download folder from your Mac, we recommend that you follow them to the letter.

  • Method 1- Restore the folder from the recycle bin

When you apply the «Command + Delete» it sends the files and folders to the trash, therefore look for the download folder in the «Trash». If you find the folder select it and restore to original location, usually the system locates it automatically. If you cannot find the file, you may have already emptied the trash, and in this case you will have to try another recovery method.

recovering deleted files

  • Method 2- Use Time Machine to recover files

By creating a backup of the Download folder with Time Machine, you can recover it or restore it based on that copy. If I don’t even use this program to back up files then try using the third method to restore the download folder.

  • Method 3- Use Mac data recovery software

If the two methods explained above don’t work for you, try using a data recovery software effective for your Mac computer. For this case download and install the Mac Any Data Recovery Pro program, this software is totally reliable and safe for your Mac.

  • Steps to use Mac Any Data Recovery Pro
  1. Start the program and scan the files that you want to analyze and that you want to recover, then click the «Start» button.
  2. Locate the Downloads folder on your Mac, select correct hard drive and press the «Scan» option.
  3. Once the scan is complete, choose the files and preview them to check which ones you want to recover. Then select them and press click on the «Restore» option so that these are saved in the «Downloads» folder.

As you can see in this way you can recover the download folder of your Mac, they are simple and practical steps to achieve your goal.

Use the Data Recovery Wizard software for Mac

The Data Recovery Wizard software is a widely used program today to recover files that were deleted on Mac PC. With its intuitive interface you can recover data in just 3 simple steps, and thus in this way you can keep the original files.

What things can you do with this program?

  • Recover deleted files from the trash can.
  • Recovery of data found on the Mac Hard Drive.
  • Restore photos from an SD card.
  • If the system had a failure and for that reason some files were lost, then you can use the Data Recovery Wizard.

recover files on mac

This article helped you restore files that you accidentally deleted from your Mac easily, now we hope you succeed.

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