How to Recover my Google Play Account step by step

It may be that you are going to give up your device and you need to remember the username and password. Maybe your mobile was lost or stolen and you may be wondering How to recover the Google Play account from my cell phone? Too easy! Here we will explain what you should do.

From the mobile we open Google Play account directly without entering the username or password, sometimes there are problems or errors that do not allow us to enter the account, one of those is that these important data are usually forgotten. Especially when we want to change an application, they ask us for the Google account.

Using the Google play account, the phone and its updated apps with the new versions. In the same way, you can delete all those apps that no longer serve you or install a new one that is of interest to you.

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Likewise, you can be aware of the new technological tools that come out daily to use on cell phones. For these reasons, it is necessary to recover the Google Play account in the event of having lost it.

Steps to recover my Google play account in a simple way

You should keep in mind that most of the time the Google Play account is the same as the one you use for Gmail.. These access data are saved in the web browser and that allows us not to have to type the username or password, and over time we forget those important data. Through these simple steps you can recover the Google Play account.

When a user loses access or cannot log into the Google account, it may be because they have erased the data in the application. This is common since to free up space, users delete data from many applications, including this virtual store.

Another reason is that you have changed cell phone and have a new one. Therefore, you must enter the Google Play account that you had on the old phone again.

When you do not remember the passwords or the email that you added in this account, you must do a procedure to recover it. However, you should not worry as recover the Google Play account, it is very simple since this platform offers you a lot of security to save the data.

Retrieve email

On many occasions, people believe alternate emails to use them as a Google account. Others use e-mails on phones that they usually don’t use frequently for regular messages.

Similarly, you may have created the email a long time ago or have multiple accounts created. For these reasons, email accounts they tend to forget if they are not previously noted and saved.
In these cases, Google has a security system that allows you to easily retrieve the email you use.

  1. Go to the Google account recovery page. Then it will look like a window and it asks for your email, but since you don’t remember it, press Forgot your email?
  2. Then another field will open, you must enter your alternative email or associated phone number and click on «Next».
  3. Another window will open with the following question: What’s your name? Google will send you a 6-digit verification code, either to your email or phone number. That will depend on the option you chose previously.
  4. Later Copy the code you receive and paste it into the Google window. Then click on «Next.
  5. Write your first and last name with which you registered the Google Play account and click «Next».
  6. Finally The email that is associated with your name will appear. TONow you just have to log in with your password and voila, you can continue using Google Play services.

google account forget username

Reset your password

Passwords are even more difficult to maintain on social media. In the same way as with emails, if they are not noted and saved, it is very likely that you will forget which word or catch you used as a password.

Many people choose to use the same password on all your social networks and platforms. This is to avoid losing access to a website by forgetting the password. When you lose or forget a password and you have not previously remembered in Google, you can also access Google play.

However, in this case, it is even easier to recover the Google Play account. Since you have at your disposal more ways for Google to send the verification code. Since you have access to the email that is associated with the account or you can use the alternative mail and the associated telephone number.

On some occasions, when entering the wrong password several times and then pressing on I forgot my password. Google, may ask you to enter one of the old passwords that you have linked to that account. However, after this, whether you get the password right or not, you will also have to do the verification of the security questions.

  1. You can enter from your Google account, that is, the email you want to access. Click on «Next».
  2. A window will open in which you must enter your password, but since you do not remember it, then press the option Have you forgotten your password?

google account forget password

  1. Google verifies your identity and does it through some security questions; which are the same that you created when configuring the security of the account. If you do not answer correctly, Google Support will ask for the alternative email to contact you. Well, this process usually takes a while.
  2. If you answer the security questions correctly, a window will open and Google will send a verification code to your alternate email or associated phone number. You decide which option is best for you.
  3. Then enter that code and click «Next».
  4. A window will appear where you must write the new password and confirm it. This must be a minimum of 8 digits and to improve security, have a sign character in it. Finally press «Next» and voila, you can now access your Google Play account.

Can the account be recovered with a phone number?

Yes, it is possible to recover Google Play account using cell phone pTo request the verification code. In fact, this is the method that is most used when recovering accounts since it is a much simpler process than using alternative mail.

Through the phone number, Google gives you two options for you to try to recover your Google Play account. The first and most common is to use a text messageYou just have to select this option and Google sends a message with six digits as a verification code.

On the other hand, you can also request a call to your cell phone. When you select the call option. Google calls the phone number directly and in a short conversation you can receive the six-digit code that you must enter to access the account.

recover google play phone account

You must bear in mind that the phone number to which Google sends the message or makes the call. It will always be the number you registered when the account was created. Therefore, It will not give the option of adding another number phone unless you have already accessed the account where you can change the phone number.

As you can see, recovering the Google Play account is very easyYou just have to enter the Google account recovery page and follow the detailed steps in this article and in a few minutes you will have access to your account again and thus be able to continue enjoying the services of the latest version of Google Play.

We hope you liked this article; you can send us your comments and don’t forget share this information with friends and family, it may be that some of them will find it useful later.

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