How to Recover or Reset the Password of my Spotify Account? – Very Easy (Example)

Are you having trouble logging into your streaming platform? You want to know how to recover or reset my Spotify account password? Next we will tell you how you can make it very easy.

Spotify is a platform with which you can have access to a huge number of musical artists. With it you can create your own playlists, either online or offline. You can create an account for free or subscribe to the paid Premium version.

With your account, you can access from different devices, either a Smartphone, tablet, or computer. Well, it has applications for mobile and desktop versions, although you can play your music from the website without the need for the app. You can get the Spotify app in the official stores completely free.

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How to recover my Spotify account if I forget the password

If you have Forgot your Spotify account login password you can easily reset it. For it, you must have access to your email.

Start by entering the official Spotify site from a computer or mobile device. Once inside, click on Log in.

A new interface will open in which you must complete the fields to be able to log in, but since in this case we have forgotten, we must click on ‘Have you forgotten your password?

A new tab will open where you must write your email. When you have done it, click on Send.

Now you must go to your email box. Search your inbox for that message. If you can’t see it there, look in the spam folder, sometimes it is directed directly there.

Open the message that they have sent you with the instructions to reset your password again. Click on the link Reset password.

When you do, a tab will open in which you must complete the fields by typing a new password. You need to do it twice to confirm. Then click on reCAPTCHA and finally on send.

You will already have one new password to be able to log in with your account on Spotify. To be able to use the application comfortably, it is recommended that you change the language to one of your preference.

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How to reset my Spotify account password if I don’t have access to my email

In the event that already do not have access to email that you used to create your Spotify account, you should contact them.

To do this, enter the Spotify website from the browser and search Help support. Look for the option Login.

Remember that you can create an account using your phone number, Google or Facebook account.

If you have used your email and you no longer have access, you should send an email to Spotify explaining that you no longer have access to that account and that you need to modify it so that they can send you the password reset link to a new address.

At you must include an identification. You can attach a photo of your ID. Do not worry, this data will be to validate that it is you and not an unauthorized stranger who is trying to enter your profile.

It may take a while for them to respond to you. Remember to indicate the new email address to which you want the link to be sent.

If you don’t want to wait you can create a new profile. We recommend that for the future, you add more than one method to verify your account so that the next time you forget it, you can recover it much faster.

You can also choose to have your password written down somewhere safe and personal.

We hope this guide on how to reset your Spotify account if i forgot the password has been useful to you. Remember that if you have questions you can leave it in the comments so that we can help you.

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