How to Recover Photos and Videos from Tuenti – Step by Step

Do you want to recover your photos or videos that you left forgotten in Tuenti? Well, here I will give you the steps you can follow to achieve those emotional memories. We know that Tuenti in a social network that comes from the European continent, specifically from Spain.

Nevertheless, Tuenti stopped working converting from a very popular social network to a mobile operator, obtaining users with a monetary subscription.

How can I recover the images that I had in my Tuenti account

First, you would have to log in, specifically with the data already used and registered previously. If you do not remember them, the application gives you the option to recover your data / passwords, just follow the steps correctly and you will be able to log in. After this step, the application will send you a message, either by messaging or by email, confirming the user, for obvious security reasons.

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Once you have entered the platform, it has some options at the bottom, among them is our account and our profile. In this opportunity we will choose the option of the profile that It will take us to the option to recover the lost photos, and it will ask you for an email to send you your respective images or videos, just click and that’s it.

But, heThe only way that now exists to recover your photos from Tuenti is use online file recovery software, that it is capable of tracking and that it can search all the metadata of the photos related to your account.

This software is capable of crawling the entire internet, looking for photos that have metadata of your account or of whoever you want. To do this you must download the software, enter your email account which you used to access Tuenti.

Then you must wait for this software to search the entire Internet in search of your photos and download them in a folder that it will create itself. This is the only method that works today.

How to open an account on Tuenti

If you do not have Tuenti and you want to register, first you have to create an Outlook account, then you go to the Google or more trusted browser. Then you must enter To register, we will see some information such as Shop, Blog, Help and on the left a menu where it says «Get in». Then we click on the menu where it asks us Do you still have a store? Sign up.

In this way, it will ask us for a series of personal data such as Email, password, name and surname, then you must accept its policies and its conditions of use. Subsequently you have to put the data of the country where we are and enter its respective zip code, ending by clicking «enjoy Tuenti».

And so you can log in in this great platform, from wherever you are, be it in Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, and all the countries where it is available. Enjoying your messages to be able to communicate with all the people / users that we want easily and quickly.

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On the other hand, if you do not have any idea to upload your photos or videos in the app that you are using after the change in Tuenti so that they are unique and unmatched, here I indicate several. They are apps that you could use and download from your mobile phone with great options and no watermarks.

Can I recover a Tuenti account?

If what you need is to recover your Tuenti account and you don’t know how to do it, here we will explain you easily and simply. Now from the page of Tuenti click the option I forgot my password, enter your access email and you will receive a code which you must enter so that you can recover your account, you can change your password and enter Tuenti again.

What happened to the photos of Tuenti?

As you should already know, this famous social network closed completely in 2017, but nevertheless this company opened a period of time for its users to obtain and download their photos.

It is very important to clarify that this period ended in August 2017, so you probably want to know where your photos are, the vast majority of these were deleted at the end of this established time; since today all the servers were disconnected.

But nevertheless, there is a small percentage of those photos that were indexed to the network, that is, even though their servers were turned off some part of all the information is on the internet, although it is very difficult for you to access your account again, if you want to recover these photos you must send an email to the company at the address of [email protected]

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Applications for you to edit your photos and videos

One of the app for your photos videos They come out great and as you expect them are the following: the Movie app that designs your content in a practical way. Certainly the app offers you the option of working from your mobile device and your computer, to have the opportunity to take it everywhere.

Another application that you can activate is Wondershare Filmora, definitely one of the most useful applications for taking photos and videos. It is of great relevance to those who are now known as influencers, so, it is not bad to say that it is one of the best tools to edit your content. Placing a greater number of effects, making you have pleasant results.

Following with Inshot, making your music fit your videos, counting up to stickers, filters, music both from the phone and extracting it from the same application.

Finally Ezvid, this application allows you to edit photos and videos more easily, giving you various editing options. She is what comfortable enough for a person who has just started editingTherefore, you can do it without fear and with great spontaneity.

The best is that most of the named applications are available for Windows and they are completely free. Therefore, they obtain a greater reach, being accessible to all users. The important thing is that you do not stop being yourself when editing and you can start with your photos and videos to integrate them into your social network, just look here for the options to start this new adventure.

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