How to Redeem a Free Spotify Premium Gift Card – Redemption Guide

At the time of redeem a free Spotify Premium gift card, we just have to follow a few very simple steps. A Spotify Premium account is one of the best tools that music lovers can have, using Spotify Premium is definitely very comfortable.

If you want to use Spotify Premium for free, here we bring you a solution; it’s about redeeming a free gift card that you can get, in an extremely simple process within the application. Read on to find out about these cards and how to redeem them.

How to redeem a free Spotify Premium gift card?

Spotify is definitely one of the best music platforms out there today. It is a simple to use application that allows its users a access to high-quality music, and that they can access the endless number of artists and musical genres that may exist.

In the application there are several types of account, which are classified as free and paid or premium; the first of these is simply an access to the platform that lets listen to some songs, it has many limitations for users and is sometimes annoying to use.

For their part, premium accounts allow a unrestricted access, premium account users enjoy and enjoy the music they like freely on Spotify.

These are the reasons why a Spotify Premium account is much better in every way, although there are conditions and restrictions there are no annoying interruptions.

To get or create a premium account you need to pay, however, this payment can also be made with gift cards, and the latter they can be obtained free of charge.

redeem free gift card spotify premium

To redeem a free Spotify Premium gift card the process is extremely simple, what the user must do is copy the PIN that appears on the back of the card, via Spotify Web, and give the option to redeem.

What do I do if my free Spotify gift card doesn’t work?

The guide to redeeming a gift card Spotify Premium free consists basically of the steps described above, which we can detail a little more if necessary.

Again, the first thing is to enter the Spotify website; once inside the account you must enter the PIN found on the back of the free gift card, or failing that, the code that brings the receipt is entered or proof of card.

If you have obtained this card by email, the referred code must be found in the message. After setting this requirement, just click or click on the option to redeem, and the balance corresponding to the card will be used immediately.

However, the process may not have worked for you for some reason, and try as you might, you don’t know what to do. If this happens, what you have to do is contact the card issuing entity and ask him to activate it; Once activated, the free Spotify Premium gift card should be easy to redeem.

The recommendation we make is look closely at the code characters of the card, and make sure that the address of the card matches your location; If the problem persists, you can contact the Spotify service.

How and where do you get a Spotify Premium gift card?

Although you have the possibility to create an account on Spotify for free, it is also possible that you create a Premium account if you have the resources. Resources you can get through free gift cards.

spotify premium guide

In this sense, we will explain how you can get these free Spotify Premium gift cards. It is a cumbersome process and perhaps not sure to get, but it is possible.

What you should do is sign up for game platforms or simple tasks and do what they require to get coins, such as King of Prizes or ClipClaps, which you can later exchange for Spotify gift cards.

With a free Spotify Premium gift card, you can only apply for an Individual Premium account, but you will have all the benefits, such as downloading songs and podcasts on Spotify.

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