How to Redeem my Google Play Points How Many Levels Does the Points Program Have?

Loyalty programs are becoming more and more popular with companies that offer services through purchase thereof. In this way, by rewarding users who make purchases, they invite them to be made frequently.

This is the case with Google Play Points, which gives users points with which they can get offers and benefits when making purchases within the services offered by Google Play Store.

For this reason, we will show you which are the levels that the pPlay Store points program and also how you can redeem or change the points you have obtained in Google Play Points

How to access Google Play Points?

While this Google Play Store app service only was accessible in JapanCurrently the United States, Europe and Latin America can enjoy Google Play Points services.

So, to activate it, you only need to have previously updated the Google Play Store to the latest version. Once you’ve done it you must enter the menu on the side from the application and access the Play Points option.

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Subsequently, you must select the “Join” option so that you can register in the program. In this way, the account with which you are registered to the Google Play Store will automatically be added to the Google Play Points services.

Once you have registered for the service, each time you make a transaction within the Google Play store, you will earn points in Play Points. These you can use them to get discounts for future purchases that you are going to make, as well as you also have the opportunity to obtain better benefits within the applications you have purchased.

How do I redeem my Google Play Points?

There are a number of ways you can spend the points you earn for purchasing apps from the Google Play Store. You must bear in mind that if you cancel a purchase in the Google Play Store, the points that it had added to your Play Points will be discounted.

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In this way, you can redeem or change GooglePlay Points in two main ways. First of all, you can exchange them for credits within Google Play, that is, exchange it for money within the Gogle store. which gives you the opportunity to buy the service you want.

Likewise, if you wish, you can also redeem the points you have accumulated in Google Play Points for rewards or accessories within an application that you have purchased. What you must do is exchange your points for the internal currency of a game, so you do not have to buy them directly with your money.

Also, if you want to change your points in applications, such as in the popular game Pokemon Go. You can exchange points for other benefits that the game offers you, such as prize packages or level increases.

How many levels does the Google Play Points program have?

different levels of google play points

Google Play Points has 4 levels, and access to each of them will depend on the purchases made by the user to earn new points.

Bronze: this is the first level of the program. In it, each € is equivalent to 1 point and you must collect 149 points to pass to the second level. By making app purchases you can earn up to 4 times more points, and 2 times more when buying a book or renting a movie on Google Play.

Silver: for every € spent you get 1.1 points and you can get up to 4 times more points while making purchases in Google Play applications. In addition, you will get up to 3 times more points when buying or renting books and movies. To go to the next level you will need to collect 499 points.

Gold: at this level you have the opportunity to earn up to 4 times more points for purchases in applications or on Google Play. Likewise, by renting a book or buying a movie you can earn up to 5 times more points. You should collect 2,999 points To level up and for every € spent you get 1.2 points.

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Platinum: at this level you get 1.4 points for every € spent. During the monthly events you have the opportunity to earn up to 5 times more points in the purchase or rental of movies and books.

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