How to Reduce a Legal Size Document to Letter in Word for Printing (Example)

Microsoft Word It has become one of the most widely used Microsoft Office programs worldwide for preparing documents of all kinds. Counting on a range of options to facilitate its handling. This includes the printing area. Sight how to reduce a legal-size document to letter in word to print.

Document reduction in Word

This program allows us to carry out a writing process didactic as academic. Thanks to its complete editing toolkit, we can create any document within the parameters of writing, without any restrictions.

Word, allows us to print any document that we have made directly, without leaving the program. However, a good understanding of this process is important to ensure that the document is printed on the selected sheet.

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Currently, there are many basic printers that only allow us to do this process one standard shape. This fact makes it somewhat difficult to acquire documents of a slightly larger size, such as legal and extra legal.

On the other hand, multi functional printers They already come with a format to print by default, many allow us to print on both sides even. Others make it much easier to obtain documents in large sizes, but what if we want to print in letter size? Can we adjust the format to print in the size we want? The answer is yes.

Fortunately, within the Word program we can perform the adjustment or reduction process on our sheet to be printed later. To carry out the adjustments process we do not have to do a complete configuration of the program, nor do we have to download external applications. We just have to follow simple directions to reduce a legal-size document to letter in word.

Steps to reduce legal size to letter

The first thing we must do is open Word on our computer. Already being in our program, we will select the tab «File”Located in the upper left corner. After doing this, we will select the open option, and we will look for the document that we want to print. When we find it, we will double click on it and it will open in a new Word sheet.

white sheet of a document in word

Being already with the document that we want to print on the screen, select the option (or tab) «page design”, Located at the top of the document. Once we have done this, we will click on the «size» option and we will click on the letter option.

After doing this, we may notice a small change in size of our document, this may modify the margins and some spaces both in our images and in the paragraphs. This process should not affect the grammar or stress of your document in any way.

After doing this, we will go back to the file tab and select «save as«Once this is done, we will be asked for a new name, if we wish, we can change it or keep the existing one.

It should be noted that the document is save as new file, so it is wise to change the name to one that we can recognize. After selecting the name we save the file.

To print in letter size

Once all this process is done, we will go back to the file and we will focus on the option that says to print we will click there. Then, we will click on print document. After doing that, the process to print the file will begin.

options for printing a word document

In this way, you can have your documents in a format letter size easily and quickly. This process will guarantee a more compact size and easier to move.

If you want to return the file to your normal sizeAll you have to do is go back to the «page layout» tab, click on size and select the size you want to keep again.

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