How to Reduce, Eliminate or Remove Dark Circles in Photoshop the Easy Way

The dark circles of pandas are cute, but sometimes in humans not so much, so in the world of editing it is sometimes necessary to edit them, either because it is not good to seem that you have not fallen asleep in days or simply because general aesthetic reasons, and the best tool to remove dark circles than Photoshop, which provides a very simple solution.

Photoshop is one of the best image editing programs on the market today, which works for multiple tasks, from simply removing red eyes to complicated tasks like editing a person’s body completely, but the small details make the difference, and that is why when it comes to editing facial, this program contains a great variety of tools that make life more pleasant.

Reasons why dark circles may appear

Dark circles can be edited, but first it would be helpful to go over why can they appear, obviously before entering a show and editing it, why not deal with them in real life? There are many factors that can be easily covered and it is worth understanding how to prevent them in the first place.

They can come out due to stress or fatigue.

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Dark circles normally occur when the body does not have enough rest, and if the purpose for which the photo is edited is an amateur or professional taking of photos, it is much better for the model to sleep. 8-9 hours to avoid dark circlesAnd if it’s for personal photos, it’s best to just avoid getting too little sleep.

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A bad diet is bad, obviously.

Diet greatly affects the aesthetics of the body, and dark circles can come from a low diet, of course it is possible that by inheritance dark circles appear due to anemia or lack of iron, but a diet high in iron or vitamins always will help reduce possible dark circles

Going back to Photoshop, how is it solved?

It is well known that Photoshop has many functions, but to understand how to solve it you have to go to the basics of how the program is used, you have to understand the layering process, and how to use them for image building.

The photo and its cape

In the program you always work in layers, and it is necessary to understand how the layers look for the photos, in the image editions always you need to create layers to edit, When using a photo, it is copied into the program and pasted as a new layer, normally a blank canvas can be created and the image pasted on top or the image can be opened with the program.

To open an image in the application, you just have to drag the image from the folder where it is archived to the Photoshop home tab and it will open automatically, no need to wear a new layer even having to edit the dark circles.

Brushes that can help.

When editing photos there are two ways to do it, the first option comes with two useful brushes, the «Spot Healing Brush Tool» and the «Healing brush tool«. The Spot Healing Brush tool is, in some ways, better for edits when you need to use a specific skin color, its way of using it is simple:

When selecting in the toolbar the cursor will be shown as an empty circle, to use it correctly you have to select a portion of the skin, preferably close to the eye cup, with the «Alt» key and the left click, and the emptiness will change to be of the color, thus editing any area in which you click.

here the beginning of photoshop version 2017

the second tool, the healing brush, which is located at the press the right click On top of the point correction brush, it is more automatic since instead of having to select the portion manually.

The program chooses which section is most similar and transform where you select the cursor to an adjacent colorWhen it comes to making simple and faster edits, it is possible to use this tool, due to its more interactive system, although it lends itself to more errors. You just have to take the time and dedication to practice these tools and the result will be optimal.

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