How to reduce the noise my laptop makes?

Previously I have written an article on how to reduce the noise of our desktop PC, now it is the turn of the laptops with homemade solutions for try to reduce the noise a bit produced by your PC.

Due to the small space Manufacturers of these devices must minimize their components and take advantage of the space in the best possible way. In this way, by reducing the size of the fans, the noise increases since they must rotate much faster to cool.

ventilador portatil

For many companies, a laptop prioritizes the temperature of the device and its operation, since sometimes it does not matter if it makes a little noise. In this field there are not so many solutions to reduce the noise of our laptop but if some homemade who can help us.

  • Be careful where do you place your laptop, on surfaces that are too soft or padded there will be no space to let the air ventilate and the fan will fire to try to cool down the pc, sometimes even shutting down the pc due to exceeding the temperature.
  • Clean the fans, since due to their mobility they end up storing more dust even than desktop computers, this step is a little more complicated and is not available to all users, for this you must remove the back (do not do it in warranty if it has a sticker, you can lose it), you do not need to take the device apart, using compressed air to clean or ear buds will suffice.
  • Control the speed of the fans, in the lower processing stages if your laptop does not get very hot, you can control the speed of the fans with programs like Speed ​​Fan and SmcFanControl that I have already mentioned.
  • Place your laptop on top of a silent and cooled base, some of the best brands are Zalman and Silverstone, although there are many others that can give an optimal result.

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  • If with all this you cannot reduce the noise that drives you crazy, you should change the whole team, some of the new netbooks already lack fans. Knowing these characteristics is difficult, in stores they do not inform us fully, a laptop with passive cooling lacks fans and if it uses SSD memory it will not make noise like our conventional hard drive.

do you know any bonus solution? What devices do you recommend? stand out in this aspect?


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