How to refresh the desktop in Mac OS X (current method)

Among the details that exist between Windows and Mac OS, there is one crucial difference: refreshing the desktop. While the F5 key for Windows updates any window that we have active, this is not the same if we want to refresh the desktop in MAC OS X. In Apple it is different and here we will teach you how to do it in three simple steps.

Microsoft and Apple, Windows and Mac OS, the eternal contest. While one of them gains an advantage over the other, that other improves and that advantage only lasts for a while. If true, there are differences in the use that a loyal Windows user gives to a loyal Mac OS user. It is well known that graphic designers and musicians prefer MAC OS as the interface offers them more advantages. All this is very good, but in the use of one system to another, there are differences, and one of them is refreshing the desktop in MAC OS X without any problem.

refresh mac-os

Command + R does not work to refresh the desktop on MAC OS X

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The equivalent of F5 for Mac is the combination «Command (cmd)+R» and it only updates the active window. Now if you need to refresh the entire desktop on MAC OS you need to do several steps, which we will describe below:

  • First you need to open a terminal, which there are two ways: open the Applications folder, go to “Utilities” and open “Terminal”. The second is to press the «Command» key and the space bar, type «Terminal» and open the app.
  • The command line with your name will appear. There you write “cd desktop” and hit “enter”.
  • You’re going to type «killall Finder», you hit “enter” and voila, you have managed to refresh the desktop in MAC OS X.

refresh mac osx

When updating the desktop in this way you refresh all the applications you have in the Finder and you don’t have to restart the whole computer. We hope that it has served you, we are at your service. We know that it is not at all intuitive, that is why we have decided to write an article explaining the only method that is used to update all your written icons in Mac OS X, and we have tested it in Big Sur (100% working).


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