How to Register and Start Ordering Food through the Rappi App? – Very Easy (Example)

Nowadays it is a necessity rather than a whim that products such as food bring you home. For this very reason, everyone wants to learn how to use home delivery apps, and with that in mind today you will see how to register and start ordering food through the Rappi App.

And it is that, it cannot be denied that Rappi is the one that offers the best service when it comes to delivering your products, because they have a special handling of things. They also have highly trained employees that they take the shortest possible time to deliver the purchased goods to you, that is why when choosing an App, choose Rappi.

Register and start ordering food through the Rappi App

For the purposes of this tutorial and that you can better understand the process that allows you to register and start ordering food through the Rappi App, the registration and order topics will be divided into two, because they are done in different ways (although they have to do with each other) . So The first thing you will see will be how to register in the App.

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If you want to achieve this you have to download the official application from the PlayStore or the Apple store (depending on your device). When you have it you have to enter it and press the button that is called «Register».

Then select the option to register with cell phone or Facebook (both are good but it is recommended to enter with your mobile). Having selected one of the two options you will have to enter the corresponding data.

nutritious roasted vegetable dish

Finally, click on the «Accept» button, this action will immediately send a code to your phone which you must enter to confirm the creation of the new account. Already with that you will be allowed to enter the section where you have to put data like your name and email.

And voila, having put everything you just have to click on accept and the account will be created, so you will be taken to the Rappi main menu interface. From there you can make purchases whenever you want.

With what you read, you can say that you solved the first part of the initial question of How to register and start ordering food through the Rappi App ?, so now is the time for you to discover how to place your orders.

Start ordering food in Rappi

So that you can order food in Rappi, the first thing you have to do is choose the country where you want your restaurants to appear, once you have done so, you will be shown a menu with all the establishments affiliated with this App.

Each of them has a different section that distinguishes it from the others, however they are all made up of the same structure of the App, so when you click on any of them you will immediately see its menu of dishes.

photo to food on table

If you want to choose any food you just have to press it and hit the corresponding button to add it to your basket. When you have finished choosing, go to the cart and choose a payment method there to finalize your order.

The methods that you are allowed to pay are: in cash, card (credit or debit) and through Rappicreditos, and with coupons or discount codes. Choose any one and then click to finish the order, with that everything will be ready, so you just have to sit and wait for your order (In the event of a problem, you can call the Rappi customer service phone number).

In that simple way you can register and start ordering food through the Rappi App. It’s nothing to write home about, so when you do it the first time, the process should already be etched in your memory forever, so you shouldn’t have any problems in the future. And if you ever want to change this app for whatever reason, remember that you can always search for the best apps to order food at home?

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