How to Register or Create a Totally Free MSN Account? – Step by Step Tutorial (Example)

MSN Messenger came a little over two decades ago to revolutionize the way people communicated over the internet. You want to know how to register or create an account on MSN totally free? We will tell you everything you need to know

MSN was launched in 1999 by Microsoft. Although this company has already closed its doors for several years, you can still sign up for a Microsoft account completely free, since it has decided to unify in a single command. To do this, you can create a Skype, Outlook or Hotmail account. Let’s see how to do it.

How to create an MSN account and enjoy the resources of Outlook or Hotmail quickly and easily

To create an MSN account and enjoy its services like Outlook in a simple way and fast, enter the website from the browser. This can be done from your computer, Mac or mobile device.

To make the most of your Outlook account, it is recommended that you download the best plugins or extensions for Outlook.

email outlook

On the main Outlook page, click on Create free account. It will take you to a new Microsoft interface. There you must complete the field by writing a username.

Make sure it is a user that is available. It may happen to you that, by pressing Next to continue, the email address is busy. You can try another name or choose one of those that Microsoft offers and that are available.

Before continuing, you must choose the type of email you want to have:


Now once you have completed all the fields you can continue. Click Next. The next thing will be to create a password. It must be at least eight characters long and contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

We recommend that you use a password you can remember, but that is not easily guessed by other people. If you want, you can write it down somewhere in case you can’t remember it. If at any point you forget your password, don’t worry that there is an easy way to recover it.

Click on Next when you have created a password. Now you must complete the requested fields:

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Click on Next. Now you must choose the country or region to which you belong, and the date of birth. Click on Next one more time.

To confirm the creation of your account you must complete the reCAPTCHA and press Next. Enter your phone number. It is a good option to be able to use it as a verification method to log in or if you forget the password to be able to recover your account.

Finally click on Create Account. In this way you will be accepting all the terms and conditions of Microsoft’s service and security. Now you just have to start using it.

associated microsoft account

How to create a Skype account in a few steps

To be able to create a Skype account in just a few steps, You must access its website or download the application for computers or mobile devices, depending on where you do it from.

Once inside Skype click on Chat now. It will take you to a new interface. Below the login field you have the option to create an account. To do this, click on Don’t have an account? Create one.

As you can see, now you can create an account using an email from Outlook or Hotmail, or use your cell phone number. Choose the option that best suits you.

If you choose create an account with your phone number, choose the country to which the line belongs and then write the number with the respective area code. Then click on Next.

If, on the contrary, you decide create a Skype account with an email, click on Use an email address instead. If you don’t have an Outlook or Hotmail account yet, you need to click on Get a new email address.

Next, you must carry out the entire procedure that we explained in the previous section.

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Now fill in the required data, such as name and date of birth. When you’re done you will have already created your Skype account. Now you just have to finish editing your profile to your liking.

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