How to Register or Create an Account on LinkedIn in Spanish?

Today we are going to see how to register or create an account on LinkedIn in Spanish, is an extremely simple tutorial where we will guide you step by step so that in a few minutes you have an account on this important social network.

In the past we have talked to you about how to log into LinkedIn, but today we are going to see in detail all the steps you have to follow in order to register and have your account ready for whatever you need. It is a too simple process that should not take you more than a few minutes, so we recommend you pay attention and follow our advice to be able to enjoy your new account in a short time.

LinkedIn work platform

How to create a LinkedIn account in a few steps

  • The first thing you should do is enter the official LinkedIn website.
  • After this you will have to enter your data: name, surname, email and password. We recommend using the real data to avoid problems in the future.
  • Then you will have to choose the country where you live and its postal code.
  • You will have to choose whether or not you are a student. You will also have to clarify what position you currently have, in where you work and the sector or heading of it.
  • Now you will have to clarify your interests so that LinkedIn can personalize your profile. You can choose to be in contact with acquaintances or colleagues, find a job, etc.
  • What you will have to do after this is confirm your email. To do this, simply open your email and you will see that LinkedIn sends you an email with a link, click on it and that’s it.
  • When you’re back in LinkedIn you will be able to invite other people to the social network. This is optional. If you do not want to do it below you have the option of «Jump”.
  • To finish, you will have to select the items in which you are interested so that the social network informs you about them periodically.

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That would be all you have to do to be able to register on LinkedIn, a powerful tool to find employment through the internet. Now you can search for people by first and last name or prospects for your workspace.

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How to Sign in to LinkedIn Quick and Easy

To do so, simply go to the main website of the social network. After this if you look at the top of the screen you will see that it has two boxes. In the first you must put your email, while in the second the account password. Then you click on «Log in» and ready.

How to sign out of LinkedIn

It is very simple, you have to click on the icon of your avatar at the top right. A menu with a few options is displayed. But if you look closely at the bottom, the option «Sign off”. By clicking there you will log out of your account. You can log in as we mentioned before whenever you want.

How to recover the password

In case you have problems with your password, recovering it is very easy. Enter the main website of the social network.

Now you will have to click on have you forgotten your password? Option below the boxes to log in.

A pop-up window opens where asks for your email address that you used to register, the same that you have in the account you want to recover.

After entering your email, all you have to do is enter your email and wait for a LinkedIn message to arrive where it will guide you to be able to access the social network again and recover your password.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn enters the list of the best applications to find a job, which is why we recommend it whether you are unemployed or looking for staff for your business.

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