How to Remotely Delete Dropbox Folder from Lost Computer? (Example)

Security is a priority wherever you see it, and today in the globalized world information can travel from one place to another in seconds, so losing a computer or having it stolen can be a major setback. This is why today we have to learn to Remotely delete the Dropbox folder from a lost computer.

And if what you read left you surprised because you should be, technology not only brings disadvantages, there are also certain functions that not only make our lives easier, but also protect us. Dropbox is a company based on the protect security and privacy from their client so it was more than obvious that they would create the following function.

What is Dropbox?

Before talking about the function that allows you to remotely delete the Dropbox folder from a lost computer, there are also other functions such as saving word or excel files to Google Drive from Dropbox.

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In simple words It is a system that houses information through the role of clouds in computing, allows you to save the files on the devices that have it installed, allowing them to be shared not only with other users, but also between different devices.

It is so popular (for its simple and efficient operation above all), that it has more than 500 million subscribers, there are versions for Android, Apple, Windows phone and Blackberry.

Therefore, it is a simple program to upload and share files in the cloud for free without having to experience complications.

These can be paid or free, The functions that are included will depend on this (the paid or business versions are better and give a wider range of advantages).

download dropbox

But its biggest difference is in the amount of things you can store, that is, the amount of space available, the free version account from 2gb to 16gbIts premium, the PRO version, which costs $ 10 a month, has a storage capacity of 1 TB.

And finally the Business version has up to 5 TB being the one that allows more space, this It costs $ 795 a year for one person and $ 31,420 for an amount of 250 people.

Remotely delete the Dropbox folder from a lost computer

With your brain working at its best thanks to the information you have just read, it is time for you to learn to remotely delete Dropbox folder of a lost team in the most effective way.

This function only works for paid accounts (it doesn’t matter which one), it deletes any data that is on the device or directly deletes the Dropbox folder from the hard drive.

To do this, you just have to first log in to the account, here you will notice that all your devices are linked. Choose the one you need to delete (you just have to select it), and the confirmation window will appear, click «okay«And that’s it, all your information will be safe again.

It should be noted that the data of the application as such will not be erased, only from the device or hard drive that you chose, so you can always buy a replacement for said device and synchronize it.

For business accounts

As a final tip for you to become a professional in remotely deleting the Dropbox folder of a lost computer, you should know that there is a different way for business accounts.

dropbox on phone

You just have to log in to, then select the «Administration console«, Hit»Members”And then choose the member to be unlinked (select the red x next to the device).

And finally a window will appear and here you must choose the option «Delete files from Dropbox the next time this computer connects to the web», click is «Unlink» and ready.

With this now, if you already know everything you need to use Dropbox properly, and protect your information in the event of an accident or attack against you.

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