How to remove a strike on YouTube quickly

One of the biggest fears of all youtuber are the strikes. But… what is a strike? If you are new to Youtube you may not know and therefore I would like clarify what it consists of.

What is a Strike?

As its name suggests, the word itself comes from Baseball and, in this sport, when you miss and miss the ball or it lands in a wrong place, they mark you. In Youtube a strike is a penalty They can get you for various things. If for any reason you were accumulating this type of penalties, they could delete your account.

  • Upload inappropriate content, violent or sexual – As everyone knows, this platform does not accept this type of videos and they are not to their liking, if someone reports you, rest assured that they will put it on you.
  • violate copyright or copyrights of other companies or users – YouTube is a platform open to all types of content, but videos by third parties or those that violate copyright, both in image and audio, are not tolerated.
  • violate privacy of the people. – In the videos you cannot upload photos or data that relate to a person or identify them without their consent. Normally these types of problems do not show up until someone reports us, if we receive a message to our email that we have violated someone’s privacy and this is true, we will have to delete it in less than 48 hours so that they do not take action against your account or risk being proven right.

Normally when you get a strike you will have to be a few 6 months without being able to include advertising in your account and without earning income from them and, moreover, when they put one of them in you, perhaps in the future some partner They don’t want to have you in their ranks.

How do I know if I’ve been hit for a strike?

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Usually when you get one of these you an email arrives and they tell you about it and as if that were not enough, surely when you enter you will see a warning that will inform you of this penalty.

account in good standing

If, even so, you have doubts, what you can do is go to the YouTube functions, log in with your account, and check the status of your account. If everything is green as in the image, it means that none have been inserted, if on the contrary there is a Red circle, Houston, we have a problem.

How do you remove a strike?

You have two options to do it.

1. Wait

It is the slowest option. you can wait for YouTube redesign its interface and hopefully they will remove it, once 6 months have passed from the date it was inserted. It is not very effective and very slow, if you had a channel with which you earned a lot of money you will get quite frustrated and you will surely end up opening a new one.

2. Go for the quick method even though it doesn’t always work

If you meet these requirements, you can opt for the fastest method, although it does not always work.

  • carry more than 2 years on YouTube or be of considerable age.
  • clean your channel of all those third-party videos, which are blocked or have been deleted. You can check the video manager and review your account to remove those with a warning.

If you meet the requirements and have cleared your account, you can enter this exam and reply to the questions they ask you. It is quite simple in that they will ask you four questions and each time you refresh it you will get four different questions.

All the questions are very simple but you can watch the video they play to learn some things about the copyright. Once you do it and send it, a moderator will review it and if you have everything right and what you have done is not very serious they take it away.

Usually won’t take more than a week in doing it. I hope it has served you. If someone manages to remove a strike by this method, it would be good to comment on it to help others and encourage them to get out of the rut, although it is best not to play with these things, if you respect the terms you will not have problems.


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