How to Remove and Uninstall Pluto TV from my PC, Smart TV, Mobile or Roku Forever (Example)

The live TV programming and broadcasting channel, Pluto TV, is a program of streaming series and movies totally free. But nevertheless, you want to remove and uninstall Pluto TV from your PC, Smart TV, mobile or Roku forever. Perhaps, you have made this decision, because you are worried about some negative aspects that has this program, that it does not suit you for your teams.

Aspects to remove Pluto TV

It is true that Pluto TV offers tips and tricks to solve problems with programming, but there are those who take these aspects into account:

  1. They reproduce many constant commercial offers.
  2. It does not have an HTTPS protocol.
  3. It collects personal information from customers and shares it with other affiliated businesses.

Taking these aspects into account, especially the last one we have mentioned, makes Pluto TV a unwanted program. And it is that, although in the contract they specify that they value your privacy, on the other hand, they commercialize with their sponsors, with your personal data. Although of course, Pluto TV uses this marketing of your customers’ personal data, to be able to stream for free.

Remove or uninstall Pluto TV from your electrical equipment

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One of the disadvantages of the Pluto TV application is that can transmit some malicious viruses, that could affect your equipment. And for that reason, maybe today you have decided to remove and uninstall Pluto TV from your PC, Smart TV, mobile or Roku.

mobile pc and other equipment

So in this tutorial, we will tell you what are the steps that you must take with each of these teams. And after having uninstalled or removed the Pluto TV app from your computers, you can clean them from virus threats.

Remove or uninstall Pluto TV from PCs

Next, we will analyze how to uninstall a program from your PC or remove Pluto TV from Windows or Mac OS X computers, in just a few steps.

  • Remove Pluto TV from Windows PC.
  1. Enter the Windows search engine on the taskbar.
  2. Then select, «Control Panel» → «Uninstall a program».
  3. Then choose «Pluto TV» and uninstall it together with your programs.
  4. Find and check that there are no Pluto TV installed programs.
  5. And finally, confirm the uninstallation of the application from your computer and press «Ok» to save the changes made.
  • Remove Pluto TV from PC Mac OS X.
  1. In the upper left area of ​​your Mac OS X, select «Go» → «applications».
  2. When the «Applications» folder appears, find the «Pluto TV» app and any suspicious program.
  3. Then, select them with the right mouse click and press «Move to Trash».

Remove or uninstall Pluto TV from your Smart TV

We all love to play any video or image on our Smart TV, but if we find threats, we prefer to delete it, that’s why, how to delete Pluto TV.

  • Pointing your remote control at the TV, you must select the «Start» button.
  • Then scroll left, and select «Apps» → «Enter» with your controller.
  • Later search for the Pluto TV App, among the downloaded applications.
  • Once you get it, you select «Enter» and hold it down for a few seconds.
  • Then choose «Delete» and press «Enter»

option to remove applications

  • To confirm your decision, select «Delete» → «Enter» again.
  • And in this way you will completely uninstall the Pluto TV app from your Smart TV.

Remove or uninstall Pluto TV from your mobile

To achieve a successful uninstall from an application such as Pluto TV on your mobile, you will have to take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Play Store App from your mobile.
  2. Select «Menu» → «My apps».
  3. Look for the Pluto TV app among the apps.
  4. And finally choose «Uninstall» and that’s it.

Remove or uninstall Pluto TV from your Roku

You love watching or playing movies from your Roku, but it’s having a few glitches because of the Pluto TV app. How to remove it?

  • First, select the «Start» button on your remote.
  • Then select «Streaming Channels» to open the stores tab.
  • Now search for Pluto TV and select «Ok» with your controller.
  • Press «Delete channel», «Ok» and you’re done.

This is all for today, with these steps you already know how to remove and uninstall Pluto TV of your electrical equipment.

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