How to Remove, Delete and Fix Autoit error line 1 and 0 Virus in Windows 10, 8 and 7

The Computers are undoubtedly one of the best inventions of the modern era, almost everyone has one. There are different types such as table or desktops, laptops, mini-laptops, of different brands, sizes and each time better. In fact, thanks to their great utility, they have become very necessary in the home or office.

Viruses and antivirus

But it is also very annoying to have to fix a virus problem on computers without knowing how to do it; the worst thing is that almost all computers, regardless of the system they use, get annoying viruses. Even more so if we generally use the PC to surf the Internet, as the network is infested with viruses.

For this reason it has become essential to protect our equipment with some powerful antivirus, the problem is which to install; Just as there are many undesirable viruses, there are also a number of antiviruses, which offer a large number of benefits. It has even been thought that the creators of viruses also create antivirus.

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Therefore we need to know how to have a little help to determine which antivirus to install, of course if it is free better. Of course there are always those who prefer to know how to remove viruses manually which is possible in some cases. Even more so when it turns out that even having an antivirus installed, the virus that affects your computer continues to bother you.

remove viruses in the operating system

For this reason, many decide to investigate a little about the virus that affects them and find a way to eliminate them manually. But it is always advisable to have an antivirus installed, to protect the computer; and your personal data when using the internet.

We must act quickly when we suspect that a malfunction of our PC is due to a virus. regardless of the type of virus that affects your computer; It could damage or delete important programs, files, and information. Another common problem caused by viruses is explorer.exe error alert that appears when Windows starts.

What is Autoit error line 1y 0?

East error message to appear on the screen When the system is started in the form of dialog boxes, in these boxes we can read the following: Autoit error 0, Autoit error line 0 test.au3, Autoit error 771 among others. This variation in the messages is due to the fact that there are several possible causes that can cause this error.

Among which we can mention: incorrect installation of some program, damage to the operating system, residual files of uninstalled programs. They also vary in the level of damage it can cause to your computer so let’s see how to fix it.

The first thing we recommend to do is download and install a good antivirus, once done, run it, this is mainly to verify if the Autoit error is caused by some malicious virus or malvare. Now the next thing you can do is find a way to find the virus manually, let’s see how to do it.

Another option would be remove corrupted Entries, by pressing the Windows and R keys you will run the system window; In this window you must write the following command: regedit then hit enter to open the registry editor. Once in the editor press Ctrl and F at the same time, with this you will see a new field.

remove virus pc windows

You should write, select find next, locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER, follow the path: Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version and to finish Run. After following this path you will see several log files, delete all but the default ones that are necessary.

Now to finish we must locate the entrance HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and follow the same route described above; delete the log files. If the problem persists with these steps, we suggest other methods that may be useful and that you can perform manually.

You can restore your computer i.e. return your operating system to an earlier point to the Autoit error to solve, if the problem is still not solved, we recommend restoring a clean Windows image, a long but effective method.

Eliminating these annoying viruses seems complicated but following these simple steps you can get rid of them and enjoy your computer.

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