How to remove devices from Netflix account in few steps

Then we will see how to remove a device connected to my Netflix account in a very simple way and in a few steps. In order to keep our account safe and that no one without authorization can use it.

The Netflix platform has the largest number of users around the world and it is not for less, since thanks to its exclusive content, it manages to catch a huge number of people who enjoy series and films.

Although we cannot deny that the accounts of Netflix from time to time they have one or another security problem. We are going to see below, how to detect a device connected to our account that is not ours and especially how to eliminate it.

How can I see the active sections of my Netflix account?

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The having Netflix can undoubtedly bring us many benefits, Being basically the best platform for film, series and documentary services in the world, with an incredibly varied catalog, we have everything we want to do with only having an account within the platform.

In fact, with an account we have a lot at our fingertips thanks to the options that Netflix has, with a subscription we may be able to create around 5 profiles, where not only you but everyone you want to invite to watch Netflix could enter with the data.

This could even allow us to share subscription expenses with people you trust who not only watch Netflix content but also commit to help you with payments, in the same way, it is good to ensure that they are trustworthy people and not people who could pass the account data without permission.

You can realize this if when you use the account and watch any movie or series on Netflix you get a message that there are many active sessions, therefore you would have to see yourself in the situation of waiting for a session to be vacated in order to use the account.

It could be said that this is the only negative side if you share your Netflix account, however, this may be because in your subscription plan you have few usage screens available or that the maximum number of screens have been occupied allowed within your plan.

So this tells us that someone has shared account details, the best thing will be to take care of this and be able to regain full control of the Netflix account and thus then take care of who you should share it with and who you should not.

Netflix device

For this, Netflix within your settings has functions that can allow you know who has been using the account and from what location has he been using it, for this you must go into the settings and select the profile in which you mostly suspect that excess screens occur.

Being in the settings, you will see that within all the options there is a call ‘Viewing Activity’, Having entered this function, you will be able to see a report which is the account’s activity history, here you will be able to verify what content has been viewed.

If in the same way you want to keep checking to get rid of doubts, Netflix also has another function called ‘Last Accesses to the Account’, This function is located between ‘My Activity’ and in the history list.

Once being in the last accesses of the account, you will be able to see every day where the account has been active, the IP addresses from where they have connected and the information of the device where they have connected to use the account.

With both functions, you can check which device on the list where the account is usually used is out of place, which IP address does not fit with the rest of the IP addresses where it is frequented, only then will you be able to know how many sessions are active and which ones should not be part of it.

Disconnect or sign out of all devices on my Netflix account

  • The first thing you should do is log in with your account. Ideally, you should do all of this from a computer.
  • After this we will go to «My Account and help”.
  • Now we are going to go to the option that says “Recent device streaming activity«This option is found in the section of»Setting”.
  • What can we see in this section? From where it was entered, the exact date, day and time. Also from the country, state and IP address of the device. We can view the model and brand of the device used to access our account. It even allows us to see if it was entered from the application or website from PC.
  • Here you should be able to identify the device you want to remove, once you finish seeing everything, you will have to press «Ready”.

Learn how to remove a device from Netflix

  • In case the above method didn’t work. What you should do is enter the profile you suspect or everyone.
  • Then from the options of «My Account and help«Let’s go to the section»My profile”.
  • Here you will see an option that says “Display activity”Click on it.

mobile app netflix

  • In this section you will be able to see all the contents that were visualized with your account. Obviously if you do not recognize a series or movie, then you will know that someone is using your account without your authorization.
  • Therefore, the best alternative is to directly close your account on all devices and doing this is extremely simple.
  • In section «Setting«At the bottom of the screen we can find an option that says»Sign out of all devices”. It may take a while to log out of all of them, up to eight hours.

We recommend changing your account password for greater security

Once you logged out of all devices. The next thing is to change the password so that they cannot re-enter. This is a very easy thing to do.

  • The first thing is to press on the avatar of our account in the upper right part of the screen from a PC.
  • A menu is displayed where we are going to click on «Bill”.
  • Now we are going to go to the option «Change Password”Located on the right side of the screen.
  • We add the current password and then enter the new one twice.

It is highly recommended that the password be as complex as possible. Contains lowercase, uppercase, symbols, numbers, etc. The more complicated it is, the more difficult it will be for someone to figure it out.

Should this happen again, the ideal would be to directly change the email and any data you have in the account. Unfortunately, this kind of security problem is more common than you might think.

tv app netflix

In my personal case it happened to me to register with an email that nobody knew, a new one and someone found out the same and the password.

That is why we must be very careful with our Netflix account to avoid these kinds of problems. In extreme cases, it is best to deactivate and remove the Netflix subscription.

After this try to create a new one with another email, password, data, card, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes it is the only alternative we have if we want to continue enjoying Netflix.

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