How to Remove or Delete All Tabs in Word Easily? (Example)

Everyone knows that one of the most powerful companies in terms of operating system is Microsoft. Since their creations have great tools and functions. That is why it is not surprising that the best office software packages are those of Office. With that in mind Today you will learn how to remove or remove all tabs in Word.

And, without these packages, life would be much more difficult than it already is. Because although there are products similar to those of Office, none equals to the powerful interface that it has within it. That is why you must obtain all the knowledge you can about these applications (such as learning to write with Chinese letters or characters in Word).

What is a tab stop?

First and before you can know how to remove or remove all tabs in Word, You have to acquire a little information about what they are yourself, so that you do not get lost during the process. A tab stop is a mark in a paragraph which the cursor will jump over each time you press the tab key.

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If you have never modified your document Word, then this will default to 1.25 cm. Basically what they are used for is: to place the indentation in the first line, to align lists, to organize data within the document, for the content tables, among others. In addition, the tabs are inserted in the paragraph that is selected at that moment (but they can go in all of them).

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Now that you know a little more about them, it is time for you to learn how to insert them, so that later you can finally remove or eliminate all the tabs in Word. To achieve the correct insert, you first have to go to the “Beginning«And there choose the option called»Paragraph«(It is just above where the texts are justified), then»Tabs”.

With that, a window will pop up where you can choose the size of a tabulation in the section «Tab positions», You can also select a «Alignment» and a «Filling”. When finished press “Set» and later «To accept”To confirm the changes you have made.

Remove or delete all tabs in Word

Once you have finished inserting the tabs you want, for obvious reasons you will be able to delete them as well (in case you want to make it clear). This is done in the following way: number one go to “Beginning”Again and select the section of“Paragraph«, Then go to»Tabs”To bring up the dialog box with the options again.

In this you can perform two actions, the first is to choose a specific tab and click the button «Delete«To delete it, the second is that you select the» Delete all «button and delete everything at once. Whichever you choose, proceed to give it «To accept» to confirm. With that you already know how to remove or remove all tabs in Word.

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But, there is still another way to do it and that is through the rule. To carry out this other process you must enable the «Rule”Found in the“View”. Then to set the tabulation point you just have to press the gray icon that will appear in the upper left corner of the ruler.

Once you’ve set it up, all you need to do to remove it is drag it down the ruler. Ready, with that last now if you know everything you need to handle tabs in Word.

It’s time for you to go test it by opening your program and inserting your points. Remember to keep looking for tutorials so that you can handle this application with greater professionalism, since not only the tabs can be removed, you can also eliminate a column, line or page break, remove or eliminate the number of a page on a cover and even eliminate all footnotes. With this knowledge you will surely become a professional.

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