How to Remove or Delete Created with Wordpress from the Footer of a Theme? (Example)

It is undeniable that Wordpress is one of the best platforms that exists today to create and manage both web pages and blogs (you can create a free account on its official website). All this thanks to its numerous functions and its very practical interface (it even allows you to add advertising to your tickets to earn money). But, this site also has its flaws, that’s why today you will see how to remove or delete created with Wordpress of the footer.

And it is that nobody likes create your own content, and that below this it says that it was created with another company, not because you want to hide the fact that it was made there but because from time to time it is not necessary to announce the birthplace of an idea. This seems a bit on the ego and is comparable to what Facebook does with everything you buy.

To get straight to the point you have to know that there are at least two ways to remove the one created in Wordpress, the first of these is to disable it with the template options.

The people who create the templates know as much as you that sometimes having the happy phrase in the background of a creation is counterproductive, since it can look unprofessional and even bad to clients of other websites.

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So they almost always add an option to hide it without having to break any rules. The first thing you must do to achieve your mission is to go to the Wordpress page and enter as administrator (it will only ask for your name and password obviously).

pencil, badges and notebooks, with wordpress logos

After this in the bar that is on the left side you must select the option «Appearance«And then in the drop-down that will come out choose»Personalize”, This will let you edit the footer options.

Once here give the option «Site identity», which in turn will cause a window to appear where you must select a drop-down called «Footer credit«, This will give you several alternatives to choose from including»Hide”, Press it and you’re done, you just need to give «Save and publish» to confirm.

And that’s how easy you can remove or delete created with Wordpress from the footer, however there is still another option in case you cannot comply with this for some reason.

Remove with PHP

This is a bit more complicated than the previous one but it is not anything to write home about and it will also allow you to remove or delete created with Wordpress from the footer, since what you will do is modify a code called footer.php.

To start this process again log in to Wordpress as administrator, then you must go to «Appearance«In the bar, but this time select the option»Editor”In the drop-down.

A window will open where the code will appear and you will notice that on the right side there is a bar with several options, choose the one called «Topic footer«This will lead you to footer .php code.

Once here, locate the line that bears the name of powered by (this means created with in English), when you have found it delete it (you can also modify it). Once this is done, click on the option «Update file» to finish saving the changes made.

original wordpress icon

And with this, everything will be ready achieving remove or delete created with Wordpress from the footer of your website or blog permanently. You can perform either of the two above processes to achieve the result. Take into account that from time to time the creators of templates do not place the option that allows you to hide the phrase of the footer, so if this happens you will have to resort to the second option.

Now you can go back to your page or blog and apply the changes to remove the footer. Once you do, be sure to find out how to remove the credits and copyright from the footer or how to change the credits and copyright of the Storefront template, or other templates.

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