How to Remove or Delete Recent and Suggested Applications from the Dock on Mac (Example)

Apple’s operating systems have announced a way to improve the interface appreciated through its screen, because through the Mac dock you can get an interactive toolbar that can display content of interest.

This interaction has been programmed to show a sequence of the applications most used by the user, or in that case, those that have been recently opened.

In this way, it is sought that all people have an easy and quick access to these programs, and that in the same way it can be customized to obtain the greatest benefit from this dynamic bar.

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Many people have managed to obtain the most up-to-date versions of the operating systems and equipment that have them, so today you can learn how to reconfigure this section.

Disable suggested and recent apps from your Mac’s dynamic bar

As mentioned above, one of the novelties that accompany the latest versions of Apple’s operating system is the interactive bar feature called «Dock» that allows you to add useful and interesting content.

Fortunately, it is not an aspect that must be installed by the user, as it is configured by default so that it forms part of the desktop interface automatically.

laptop apple chair apps

Its use is, mainly, to show a series of recommended programs for the user’s utility, and in the same way, those applications that are used frequently, including those that start automatically when the Mac is turned on.

Despite the fact that this idea fascinated all the developers of the operating system, there are certain people in the community who dislike change and prefer to return to the common aesthetics of their computer.

Fortunately for these people, and for you if you are part of them, there is the possibility of eliminating it from the interface or even achieving customize it to your liking in a very simple way.

How do you disable this new feature on your Mac?

In case this novelty is very annoying on your computer, the Mac system has made it possible to deactivate this function, so that you do not have to occupy more space or consume a dynamism that you do not want.

To achieve this, you will only have to access “System preferences”, An option that can be accessed by clicking on the apple icon on the toolbar.

Later, when you find the name of «Dock» you can click on it and disable the option that mentions the constant appearance of applications within your taskbar.

disable feature mac applications dock screen

If, on the other hand, you want to do the opposite, and that for some reason this option is deactivated, you can repeat the steps and check the box, so that you can insert suggested, recent applications and even those you want to use, such as Onyx, in case you need to locate hidden functions on your computer.

The dock is also an element that improves the interface of the iPhone

As on the Mac, starting with version 11, iPhones also have this renewed interface that Apple has imposed for its users. But in the same way that it is configurable on the computer, it is also configurable on your mobile device.

Therefore, if through this bar you receive many notifications about suggested apps or you want to stop viewing frequently used programs, such as with iMessage or the game center, you should know that you can do so.

Access the settings of your iPhone and within «General» you can find the option «Multitasking and the Dock”Which is nothing more than the interactive bar that you want to customize.

Automatically you will see a list of functions from which you can select, but the one that interests you is found last, as a marked box that indicates “Show recent and suggested apps”.

When disabled, this toolbar will once again be what you knew within your device, a space to gather the applications of your choice, so it will be enough to reconfigure it to your liking to continue enjoying the virtues and novelties of this OS .

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