How to Remove or Disable Automatic Audio from Facebook Videos

Videos are one of the best creations of technology, and it is that with them a huge number of uses have been implemented. Among which we can mention learning, communication between people at a distance, reproduction and setting of music, etc.

Therefore, in most of the web a section has been implemented for the reproduction of the same in social networks and important pages currently have a space to upload videos. Here we explain how to quickly upload videos to your facebook account.

Therefore, one of the most used social networks in order to have a good connection and communication with others is Facebook. That besides being a entertainment platform allows different activities such as uploading stories.

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Among those that stand out uploading various publications, but we can also turn off automatic audio for videos. Action that for many of the users of the social network is very interesting.

How to watch videos on Facebook?

Facebook logo, film reel

Facebook is considered the most important social network of the year 2020, and the reality that the percentage of people who still do not have an account on this network is very low. Therefore, it is always in constant development so that its users do not get bored, and on the contrary, it captures their attention even more.

Among the most important novelties created by the constant development of Facebook, is the incorporation of videos to the platform, which can be seen from the initial menu when shared by friends. Or in the videos section from the application.

What is the Facebook video section in the application for Smartphones?

The Facebook video section is a segment very similar to the well-known main wall, but in this case only watch videos. Normally they are videos that are recently uploaded by someone on the user’s friends list, or by pages that may be of interest to the user. If you wish, you can download them on your android or iPhone.

The second option works thanks to the large investment of robots that detect and analyze search data of users who use the social network, not only to be in charge of displaying content that the user likes. If not to also check which are the best videos in general terms.

How does the video section work?

The videos section works practically the same as wall posts or posts of a profile. While the user navigates vertically in the interface, where only will display content in video format, where you can also react and comment.

One of the advantages of navigating in the videos section is that we will not only be able to see the videos that have been shared in Facebook groups and our contacts, but we will also observe interesting videos in relation to past searches. This through a content categorization system.

Although there are some users who enjoy the viewing videos without soundas they prefer to listen to their own music or simply not listen to anything. So they are presented with a problem that in some cases they do not know how to solve, but it is really very simple.

How to remove or disable automatic audio from videos on Facebook?

Dog Facebook Video

The process of turning off automatic audio is really quite simple. Although it is not totally necessary to deactivate it when we listen to music, since the same program plays the audio of the video when the user is watching it.

In short, the music pauses while we are watching the video in a automatic, and it will play again when we are no longer watching the video. If you still want to omit the audio from the videos, it is only necessary click on the horn located on the lower right side of the video.

In some cases, the option will not appear, so it is necessary to drag the screen a little to make it reappear again. In this way you will be able to appreciate only the visual part of a video, omitting the audio that it emits, and thus listen to whatever else we want.

Finally, it is good to note that this process is very intuitive. So it will not take too long to do it, since it does not require a great process.

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