How to Remove or Remove a SIM Card or Chip that is Stuck in the Cell Phone – Remove Locked SIM Tray

One of the most frequent situations is cases of SIM cards or chips that get stuck in the cell phone. Which represents a real problem when you need to withdraw it, regardless of the reason.

However, you should know that you have different ways to remove or remove a SIM card once it is stuck it. Therefore, it is essential that you keep this information at your fingertips should any of these situations arise.

Therefore, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you learn how to draw or remove a SIM card or chip that got stuck on the cell phone. So that, removing the SIM tray that was stuck does not represent any inconvenience.

Why is a SIM card or chip stuck in the cell phone?

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Mobile devices have evolved over the years, so some features of them have been discarded and replaced by better ones. Such is the case of the SIM or chip card slots, since SIM cards have been created that are very small, and therefore, insert a card in a space that is not appropriate, can cause you to get stuck.

take the sim card out of the phone

Therefore, that a SIM card gets stuck in the tray is a frequent situation, since it does not depend on the range that your mobile device has. But rather, if it has suffered a fall, or if you have inserted a SIM card whose size was not adequately reduced for the space.

Therefore, you must verify, before inserting the SIM card, what size it has. So that this size is adequate to the slot that the device has and therefore don’t get stuck the same. Otherwise, it is convenient that you cut the SIM card and convert it to MicroSIM or nano, as the case may be.

Can I remove or remove a SIM card or chip that got stuck in the cell phone on my own?

This is usually a frequent problem for some users, since once they want to change their mobile device and proceed to remove the SIM card, they realize that it is actually stuck in the slot that the phone has for it.

This is when many users wonder if they can take out the SIM card on their own. For what you should know, that you can carry out this action, as long as you try to be sufficiently careful in the process, to avoid any type of damage while removing the SIM card from the device.

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that your mobile device is not sealed, that is, it has a access that allows you to access the SIM card. Otherwise, removing the SIM card from the tray of a sealed cell phone will require you to open it, and in this case, it is better to put the device in the hands of an expert.

galaxy note slot to take out sim card

Likewise, if you proceed to remove the SIM card yourself stuck on your device and you notice any inconvenience in the process, the best option is to go to the technical service, before finishing to aggravate the problem.

How to remove a SIM card or chip that got stuck without opening the cell phone?

Most mobile devices have a tray in which the SIM card or chip is integrated to make use of telephone services. So, unless you use the virtual SIM card service for mobile phones, it is very likely that on at least one occasion you have found that the SIM card of your cell phone is locked.

In this case, many times the best solution is to open the device to remove it, however, there are those who consider this process not very careful and invasive with their devices. So if you want remove a stuck chip without having to open your cell phone, you must have precision tweezers on hand, or in another case, a clip or safety pin.

Subsequently, you must hook the protruding part of your SIM card or chip with the tip of the safety pin, so that you can fix the clip and remove the stuck SIM card through this. You must be patient, because during the process you may withdraw the card the first time or it may take several attempts to achieve it.

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