How to Remove or Remove Viewer Mode in Corel Draw – Complete Tutorial

Remove Viewer Mode in Corel Draw It consists of a simple procedure, it is about reactivating the version of Corel Draw that you have on your computer with certain codes and serials. Obtaining these in a regulatory or legal way is also a simple step, and here we will teach you.

If removing or removing the Viewer Mode in Corel Draw is what you need, we bring you a complete tutorial that you can follow to solve this. In this way, you will learn how to search for requirements for disposal in this way, as well as checking if the problem has been solved.

How to remove or remove Viewer Mode in Corel Draw?

By way of conceptualization of the problem, the Viewer Mode in Corel Draw is an error that this program presents when executing some of its functions. The functions that are generally compromised in this problem are: save, import and export.

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If Viewer Mode is not removed in Corel Draw, none of these operations can be performed within the program; so it is fundamental solve this problem.

To remove or remove the Viewer Mode in Corel Draw, you have to resort to two essential requirements for this. One of them is the activation code of the version you have installed, and the other is the purchase serial number.

remove delete viewer mode corel draw

The process begins with simultaneously pressing the ‘Windows key + R’; there we are going to write Regedit and give it to execute; later follow this sequence: HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder> SOFTWARE> COREL.

Then we will right click on this last folder and then on ‘Delete’; you have to accept the deleting the key and its subkeys to continue.

Finally, we must go to ‘Documents’ and look for the ‘Text Document’ of Corel. A) Yes, we will get the two codes already mentioned in some cases.

What if I don’t have an activation code in Corel Draw?

In the case of not being said codes in the referenced text document, the solution consists in somehow search for these numbers.

When this happens, the process now becomes a bit tedious, but it is necessary because Corel Draw and all its operation is worth it; We are talking about software used by millions of users for different purposes; one of these purposes has to do with the Web-page design, where Corel Draw excels.

What’s more, this program turns out to be so good in the field of design, that Corel Draw’s design guides are among the best and more optimal in this branch.

Now this explains in minimal part why should we solve this problem at all costs, and the process will be explained shortly.

To get the codes mentioned by other means, we must download a program that generates them; this may be Archive-7458. What we are going to do is run this program and these codes and serials will appear in the pop-up window, previously indicating the version of Corel Draw that is installed.

How to use or apply these codes to remove Viewer Mode in Corel Draw?

The rest of the procedure to remove the Viewer Mode in Corel Draw is already minimal, what remains to be done now is simply enter the serial or code that we have found, and thus be able to enter the program.

The fact of remove keys and subkeys from the beginning, it makes the program not open; when we go to enter Corel Draw now, access will not be allowed; but this is the step we need.

remove viewer mode full tutorial corel draw

In the pop-up window of Corel, we will click on ‘Other activation options’ and then on ‘contact Corel’. Here it will ask us for the activation code and the mentioned serial, we have to put them on and then enter the program.

Once inside Corel Draw we can make sure of the solution, and try importing images into the document; if it lets you, you will know then that Corel Draw’s Viewer Mode has been removed.

If all this explained procedure does not work for you, then what remains now is to download and install the latest version of Corel Draw on your computer, and use it by default. At any time, remember that if you have problems, you can contact the service of online customer service.

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