How to Remove or Unlink my Google Account from other Android Devices? (Example)

Losing or changing devices is common among Android system users. To the point that, more than once they have needed to unlink the Google account after any of these situations occurs. Since this powerful engine acquired this popular operating system, It has become an essential requirement to be registered in Gmail.

This is mainly due to the fact that, in order to start and use the services provided by Android devices, it is necessary to have one of these accounts. So this takes care of serve as a backup and storage source for any content of the utmost importance that is entered on the cell phone.

If for any reason you have made the decision to perform this procedure, here you will find the simplest explanation to achieve it.

Learn how to unlink your Google account through a computer

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The privacy of the individual is a right that we all obtain daily, and that companies like Google and Android have given the highest priority. The Gmail account that is registered in the device works as a protective barrier, since it tries to store the important data that is entered by you as you give it the desired use.

unlink the Google account through a computer

Unlinking the Google account from any digital medium will cause all your record disappears, and that you probably won’t be able to continue using it. However, it is necessary to remember that this will only be on the mobile, because your content is kept safe in the mail.

So before starting to perform the necessary steps to erase the device, we recommend that you make a backup of important data. Once you have completed this, you can remove the Gmail account from the site of your choice, by following the steps below:

Login to Google

Through the main page of the search engine you can access your account, which is constantly displayed as a circle (with image or color) arranged in the upper right part of the screen. When you have entered your account, you must access the menu to see the options that will allow you to modify the aspects of Google.

Among the list of said modifications you will be able to read the option «Login and security», where you will see in an orderly manner the devices you’ve used over time.

Enter «Review devices» to see the list in detail and select those you want to remove by simply clicking on «Remove».

Would you like to unlink the Google account through your device? Too easy!

If on the other hand, you prefer use Android device to remove Google access, you should know that it is just as simple as doing it through the computer. The only difference between the two procedures is that in this one you will see directly the way in which the device is modified once it does not have the registration of a main Gmail account.

Anyway, this is not something to worry about, as you can get all the benefits again once you log in to the new device. Likewise, adding a new account will also allow you to return to adjust default settings team and continue to enjoy Android technology.

unlink Google account through your device

To start, all you have to do is access the «Settings» tool found within the device’s applications menu. There you will find a section called «Accounts», which you must select to be able to unlink the Google account.

That said, within the menu you will see a list of all types of accounts you have registered throughout the use of the equipment, but your purpose is to enter the «Google» section.

In the case that you have one or more registered accounts, you must select the one you want to delete by clicking on it. A window will be displayed on your screen that will allow you to access the «More» menu symbolized with three dots and you will see the option to «Delete account».

Finally, for confirm In this step, the system will ask you to enter the security pattern or PIN that the device has, and thus complete this simple procedure.

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