How to Remove Password on Waking from Sleep or Hibernate mode in Windows 10

Computers are simply extraordinary tools. However, depending on the configuration that your computer can maintain, it can cause problems or cause certain delays. That is why you must learn how to remove password when coming out of sleep mode or hibernate in Windows 10.

Passwords are always important when it comes to the security settings of a computer. However, there are times when you simply need to close your laptop to move around and continue working. On these occasions, having to enter the password represents a delay for many.

The wonders of Windows 10

In other operating systems it may be impossible to customize the security settings, Windows 10 allows you that and more. Removing the password when coming out of sleep or hibernation is just one of many things. Thanks to the best operating system in the world, you can also prevent your hard drives from going into ‘Sleep’.

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So if you want take full advantage of these features Windows, you are in the right place. This amazing trick is quite simple to perform, yet few know about it.

Preliminary considerations

But not everything can always be wonders. Before removing the password when exiting from sleep or hibernation, you must take into account some things. Every action has a certain percentage of risks, and this is not exempt.

It is likely that, when activating one of these modes, you must temporarily leave your desktop or laptop computer. This is leaving your computer on a silver platter for other people.

That way they will have the possibility to access all your information without any inconvenience. In addition, of course, to use your computer at pleasure, without, practically, no type of restriction.

So whatever your decision, everything you do is at your own risk. The recommendation is not to do it unless you are in safe places. Where you can be sure that only you can use the computer. At work or study sites, it is best to keep the password.

How to remove the password when you wake up from sleep or hibernate

As previously stated, this is one of those tricks that many people don’t know about. Some may think that only the screen timeout or sleep can be changed.

However, here you can check effective method to remove the password when coming out of sleep mode or hibernating. More than one will be surprised to see how brief the instructions are. How about we start?

  1. Enter the configuration panel of your computer.
  2. Click on the «Accounts» section.
  3. Scroll down and access the «Login Options» section.
  4. In this section, scroll until you find the section “Require login”.
  5. It is right here where Windows will ask you when the login should be requested.
  6. The default setting is «When the computer wakes up from sleep.»
  7. Click on that option and an options bar will open in which you will select «Never”.

login configuration

Check it out

Do you see how simple it has been? Now, you just have to put to the test the effectiveness of the procedure. To do this, you must put your computer into sleep mode or hibernate.

When starting again, Windows will no longer ask you for the password to log in. This way you will have the possibility to continue doing your work. This way, your activities won’t be interrupted and you can keep trying to activate Windows 10 OEM permanently.

What are you waiting to try?

Removing the password when coming out of sleep mode or hibernating can be quite a productive action. But remember! It must be carried out provided the computer is in a safe environment.

That way you will prevent other people from using your computer and accessing all your information. That is why, it is best to activate it when you are at home.

Keep working without interruptions! And if you need other things, You can always explore the rest of the options that Windows 10 offers for you. Take advantage of its great customization quality to download and install the transparent notepad.

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