How to Remove the SimCard or Chip from my iPhone without the Key (Example)

The market and the general industry of mobile phones is one that has grown a lot in the last decades, and only in the last ten years has it taken a giant leap in terms of advancement and quality, leaving what we had in mind before. as a mobile phone.

These changes can be seen everywhere when we see a phone of these, from the size, since it was previously considered that the more compact the better, and in the inclusion of cameras that can take professional photos and compete with many of the best cameras in the market. Really, every addition and gets better that has been done in the industry in general has been something extremely remarkable and of quality.

Perhaps many people say that this only applies to the highest-end mobiles, and although in them the changes are much more notable, we can really see different changes in the different lines and brands. This only shows what human ingenuity is, and how we always seek to have the best when dealing with technology.

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As for the changes that can be seen in all these phones, it is worth mentioning those that Apple has brought with it. Certainly, Manzana it has always had its own way of designing, manufacturing and managing its products; but such success have brought their changes that many other mobile lines have sought to copy them at different levels.

One of these significant changes is the way in which a Sim card is inserted, since it goes in a tray that is inserted on the side of the mobile. This same design has been used in other mobiles, such as the Google Pixel, and it has proven to be quite useful. But, to be able to use it, you need a way to get the tray out, and when you don’t have the key you can be in a tight spot.

click mobile simcard

Open Sim card tray without key

In order to protect your Sim card, that it does not sustain any damage with a blow or fall, and that it is more difficult to access by the hands of strangers, Apple implements an internal tray with which to insert the Sim card. This can be a bit strange to new users, due to how it is used, especially since it cannot be opened by traditional methods or force.

When you view this tray from the outside, you can see that it has a small hole; This is used to insert the ‘key’, a kind of metal piece with a fine tip that is used to enter this hole and be able to open the sim card tray.

Normally, when we buy an iPhone, this key will come along with the equipment, but in case you don’t have it anymore, you always have other alternatives when opening the tray.

The most popular way to open this tray is with a clip, since they are easy to find and meet the perfect measure to be able to open the tray just by inserting the tip and pressing gently.

white iphone tools

Other alternatives

If you are in a hurry, and you cannot find a clip to be able to open the Sim card tray of your iPhone, you can always look for other similar alternatives.

The most popular are usually thumbtacks and needles, which are usually thin and long enough to open the tray, you just have to remember to press very delicately so as not to damage the mechanism.

Really, any kind of ‘wire’ metal is used when opening this tray, in fact it is possible to open it with the end of an earring or earring thin or thick enough, as well as with a staple.

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