How to repair a PDF online easily and quickly

Everyone uses PDFs since they are cross-platform, very secure, they accept multiple formats (text, videos, sound, links, bookmarks, etc.) and the original structure is not modified no matter how much you send it. But nevertheless, meanwhile coming and going they can be corrupted and damaged, so let’s see how to repair a PDF online.

The best thing about repairing a PDF on the Internet is that you don’t need to download or install anything on your devices. The best website to do it online is in Spanish, which not only repairs that damaged PDF document in a very short time, but also allows you to edit it within the same page.

Why does a PDF break?

repair a PDF online that you can't open

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PDF files can be corrupted for several reasons:

  • Incorrect downloads: If the internet crashes while downloading it, it will affect the structure of the PDF file.
  • Hard drive problems: sometimes your hard drive crashes and saves the PDF to a bad sector.
  • Crash of the operating system or bad shutdown of the system: a sudden power outage or restarting the computer without properly closing running programs can affect any file, not just a PDF.
  • By viruses or malicious content.

Can’t repair a PDF online? Here are these methods

repair a PDF online that you can't open help

At a certain point it may happen that we do not have the Internet available and it happens that we desperately need the information of that PDF that is corrupted. There are alternatives within the programs on Windows or Mac.

Restore a PDF in Windows

Windows 8 introduced the possibility of configuring a «File History» through the Control Panel, which saves backup copies of the files you create on your PC. For this you must have an extra hard drive (or a partition) and select it. This process must be done before creating that PDF file that is corrupted for there to be a backup. To restore that backup you must do the following:

  • Press the right mouse button with the cursor over the PDF file to open the secondary menu and click on «Restore previous versions».
  • A window will open with the list of supported previous versions, select the most recent.
  • First click on «Open» and then on «Restore.»
  • The previous version of the PDF file will be restored.

Restore a PDF on Mac

This process is very similar to Windows, but uses a native Apple program called Time Machine. You must also have an external hard drive configured with Time Machine. The condition is also the same: you must have done the file history setup process before creating the PDF document for there to be an older version. To restore that previous version you must:

  • On your Mac, open the document and select File> Revert To> Browse All Versions.
  • View the version you want and click Restore.

Also check the PDF reader you are using, you may need to update it. Or try downloading another PDF reader. As you can see, there are always options before you regret because you have corrupted a PDF. Try which one works for you, although we prefer to do it online with FormatPDF, we have tested it and it works well (the other options probably have not been activated and it is too late to use them).


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