How to Repair and Recover a Damaged PDF File with Recovery Toolbox

Has an urgently needed PDF file been corrupted? Learn how to repair and recover a corrupted PDF file with Recovery Toolbox.

Portable Document Format or PDF, as it is known by its acronym in English, is a type of files for digital documents independent of software or hardware platforms.

This means that you can visualize this type of documents on different computers and operating systems without any problems.

Although this format was exclusive to the company Adobe Systems Since 1993, in 2008 it was released as an open standard, so it is possible to have freely licensed software.

One of the advantages that files offer PDF is that the appearance of the document will be the same regardless of the equipment or support from which the visualization is made.

Files in PDF format can contain images, text documents, forms, spreadsheets or graphics, keeping all the data of the original file.

Depending on the type of PDF file, it may or may not allow modifications or integrate links and hyperlinks for your online interaction, that is, it is possible to open, edit and convert PDF files on your PC. Currently, the most popular software is Adobe Acrobat Reader, but several free alternatives are also available such as MuPDF, Javelin PDF Reader or the Google Drive platform.

If, for any reason, any of these files are damaged, you have the program at your disposal Recovery Toolbox To get it back, we’ll show you how to use it right away.

Recovery Toolbox PDF window

The Recovery Toolbox tool allows recover corrupted or damaged files, file format and password recovery for various programs.

These include Acces, Excel, Word, CorelDraw, Lotus Note, Outlook Express Password, Photoshop, SQL server, One Note, and even PDF files.

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In the latter case, the tool allows you to recover any file damaged by system failures or virus attacks. It is compatible with any version, regardless of its size.

Once the data stored in a damaged file has been recovered, the tool allows you to re-create a file with this data so that it can be saved correctly.

The installation file of this powerful tool is quite compact and does not require additional components to function. In addition, it is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If you want to download the software, you can choose the free or paid version of each of its specific recovery tools.

Recover your damaged PDF files

Selling with PDF files on Windows 10

To begin, download Recovery Toolbox for PDF from its official website and install it on your computer following the instructions in the wizard. At the end of the installation, you can open the program, on its initial page you will see the button Find file, when you press it you must go to the specific location of the file you want to recover from.

By pressing the Next button the tool will start the advanced analysis process looking for errors in the file. Pressing the Next button again will start the correction of errors and conflicts found. Then you must select the PDF version you want for the new file.

Press the Save button to generate a new file without errors and wait for the message that the process has finished and your file will be ready to use freely.

Remember that there may be the possibility of creating a PDF file with an expiration date and that it cannot be printed. For this reason you must bear in mind that this process does not work to recover PDF files password protected or encrypted for security.

The function of this tool is to view files that cannot be opened with the regular Adobe viewer due to some software related incident, computer lock or computer virus attacks.

By following the steps described in this article, you will be able to recover important files that you previously considered lost and you will be able to make a security backup to always have them available.

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It also has the online version of some of its recovery options, so you don’t have to do any type of installation on your computer. Also very useful if you need to recover a file quickly if you are not near your personal computer.

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