How to Repair and Recover Photoshop PSD Files with PSD Repair Kit? (Example)

Photoshop has been the king of design applications for many years now. This title has earned it hard thanks to the efficient tools and interface that make life within it. And it is so good that if something goes wrong you can repair and recover Photoshop PSD files with PSD Repair Kit.

And that last sentence is your quote for today, since you will learn how to repair those creations, which either due to human or machine errors, have been destroyed and without the possibility of being able to open them, to publish them or continue editing them (or be the nightmare of any designer).

What is a PSD file?

If you read the title correctly, keep the repair part and Recover Photoshop PSD files with PSD Repair Kit. But before giving you the lifeline to survive the tragedy, you need to learn what an image or PSD file is, especially the most novice designers or design fans, who believe that everything is rosy, in the Photoshop application without even know for sure what Photoshop tools are for. (innocence)

Well, as a summary, the PSD files are the ones that contain all the information of the project you are working on (layers, adjustments, among others). These are useful because unlike PNG and JPG they are editable.

The only thing we must have obviously is the Photoshop application installed and at any time we can open the file and continue where we left off (the most professional take days creating their images).

repair photoshop document

Repair and Recover Photoshop PSD Files with PSD Repair Kit

Well, since you know the main and basic of Photoshop, It is time for you to learn about life saving tool called Psd repair kid.

Just like using the background eraser tool in Photoshop or simply using the pen selection tool in Photoshop, PSD Repair KID also has its own mystique.

This tool analyzes the PSD files that are damaged, and then let us repair them. Of course this is not free, but we can download it at no cost, since we can use it to see the previous result that the fixed file will have and then buy its license to finish the repair.

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This way you avoid paying money just for the fun of it, which is a great advantage. And speaking of advantages, the characteristics of this wonderful tool are the following:

As you have already read, it has an engine that analyzes and repairs corrupted or damaged PSD files, also, a simple recovery that does not even need Photoshop to be installed. It also works from Photoshop version 3 to the current one, and from Windows 98 to the current one, and finally, an intuitive interface that makes the steps to follow self-explanatory.

How does it work?

Is it easy to repair and recover Photoshop PSD files with PSD Repair Kit? The answer is completely simple yes and it works as follows. First download the free application from its website (which has the same name), and we proceed to install it.

Then you run it like any other application and it will be ready to use. Then select the file you want to repair from the application, it will proceed to analyze it and once it is ready, it will show you a window with the specifications.

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You can select the tabs “Properties“Or”Picture”, The first will show you the technical data of each of the layers, and the second the images of the layers that your file contains.

Once you check that the file is in order, click on the button “Next“To start the recovery here you can easily configure which capable you will stop and which ones you will discard. Then click the button “Recover”And the file will be fully recovered (the licensed version that allows full recovery is $ 27).

Once the analysis is finished, click on the button that will be called “Show result” And voila, you will be able to see your results, and you will also have managed to repair and recover Photoshop PSD files with PSD Repair Kit, since the end result is your image as new.

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As a final data, PSD files can also be repaired online, the process is similar, you just have to go to the website, upload your file, enter your email and the verification code that appears there, to download the file you must pay 10 dollars and Ready (the picture above is the page).

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