How to Repel Mosquitoes or Mosquitoes at Night with Apps and Sounds on Your Cell Phone

Who doesn’t like summer? Well yes, many of us like to enjoy this season of the year that also brings with it some companions. I mean the annoying mosquitoes or mosquitoes, those that with their buzzing or stinging, make our vacation a nightmare.

But, fortunately, we live in a world where technology has advanced in many areas and has solved endless problems for us. With the arrival of the smart phones and applications, our life has been greatly simplified, being more comfortable. Applications can be downloaded for practically anything we can imagine.

So, regarding the mosquito problem, we have a solution, a variety of applications to get rid of these tiny insects. Keep reading and you will see how to repel mosquitoes or mosquitoes at night with applications and sounds on the cell phone, let’s see!

Applications and sounds on the cell phone to scare away mosquitoes or mosquitoes

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Plants, liquids, clothing, accessories, oils … In short, remedies to get rid of mosquitoes abound and their effectiveness varies in all cases. However, by using one of the following applications we will save money and even having our body smeared with creams:

Mosquito STOP

This is a free application that many users consider as one of the best to do this task with the mosquitoes. The performance of this is simple, it is worth issuing certain frequency or sound that humans do not hear, but mosquitoes do.

mobile devices with anti mosquito application

For females, the sound is annoying and takes them away from you at least a distance of two meters, what a relief! Not only can you zoom out at a certain moment, but you can program the app to run on specific hours and also know the species.


The truth is that with this name, you have no doubts about the effectiveness of this app available in app stores Android and IOS. This must be installed through the installer program. app and its function is very similar to the previous app.

Just by putting the mobile near you or in the place where you are going to be, start the application and leave it open, it will do its job. By producing a sound in the environment inaudible to humans, these insects will move away, as it is disturbing.

Get rid of mosquitoes with these apps

Mosquito Killer

With a very peculiar name, we find Mosquito Killer, which although it does not kill mosquitoes as its name suggests, it does drive them away. This digital tool is available for Android operating system And it is totally free, So if you have the updated play store, get this tool!

The operation of this consists of sending a signal like the previous ones mentioned, a sound that will clear the traces of mosquitoes around us. Among its tasks is the possibility of adjusting depending on the place and the species of mosquito you face.

mosqui stop application on mobile

Insect Repellent

What this digital solution offers is to also use these beeps or nuisance waves to mosquitoes, to keep them away from us. On the other hand, even if the application is open, you can use the phone to do other activities in a normal way. It can be found in Android application stores and also for devices that use the IOS operating system.

Mosquito Repellent

Another way on the list to scare away those mosquitoes is the Mosquito Repellent application, available for Android. It also has, like the others, the function of frequencies inaudible to people, but annoying for mosquitoes or mosquitoes.

Something particular about this app is that its functions include cats and dogs, to keep them away, if it is the desire of people. And to activate it in background, it can be done in a simple way just by pressing the section «Enable Background Mode«.

Most of these applications are in the Google Play Store, if you do not have it, there are tricks to download and install it on any computer. So with these apps you won’t have to suffer anymore For those buzzing or mosquito bites, take the test and enjoy the summer.

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