How to Reply Privately to a Specific Message from a WhatsApp Group (Example)

When you are a member of a whatsapp group all members can read the messages you write even if you are referring to a particular person; But WhatsApp, thinking about the privacy of its users, allows responses as a private message to a specific member of the group, without the need for it to be visible to the entire group.

That way you will avoid giving uncomfortable answers or starting conversations about topics that should only be resolved in private and not with all the members of the group. That is why in this post we will teach you step by step how to reply privately to a specific message from a WhatsApp group.

Steps to reply privately to a message from a WhatsApp group:

To enjoy this function you need to have downloaded the latest beta version of WhatsApp, since the old versions do not contain this function. You can enjoy this function from WhatsApp Web and from the application you use on your mobile.

  1. Open the WhatsApp group in which you want to reply to a message.
  2. Select the message of the participant to whom you want to reply privately. In WhatsApp a message is selected by making a long touch on the message, when the message is selected, a light green strip will appear on the message.
  3. Once the message is selected, go to the upper right corner and click on the icon with the three dots; when a small menu is displayed, select «Reply to private».person replying to a private whatsapp message
  4. A chat window will immediately open with the group member you want to talk to privately; In this chat you will see a bubble with the message you selected in the group, the bubble contains the name of the group and the person.
  5. Write your message and press «Send».

WhatsApp Web

  1. Sign in to WhatsApp Web.
  2. Once inside WhatsApp, enter the group in which you want to respond to a message privately.
  3. Hover over the message and you will see that a drop down arrowhead will appear in the upper right corner, click there.
  4. A menu with several options will be displayed, click on «Reply to private».
  5. A chat will open with the person who wrote the message, in this chat you will see a box with the original message of the group, in addition to the name of the group.

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Both in WhatsApp Web and in the mobile application you will notice that when the menu is displayed there is an option that says «Send message to …» and the name of the person who wrote the message appears; if you click there, you will be redirected to a private chat with that person; but unlike the option «Reply in private» in this a bubble will not appear with the message which you are referring to in the group.

The function «Reply in private» and «Send message to …» can also be used in those groups in which only administrators can send messages, adding administrators to WhatsApp groups will allow manage the group effectively. You can also use this feature to reply to messages to users in a group who are not included in your contacts list.

How to mention a participant in a WhatsApp group

Although this option is not as private as using «Reply in private» or «Send message to …», when a specific person is mentioned within a group, she or he they will receive a notification that they were mentioned in a message.

answering messages from whatsapp web

Then that person to whom it was mentioned will be able to read the message without ignoring it, something very common in groups where there are many participants.

When you are writing the message and you are going to mention a person you should write an at @ before the name; When you write the at sign, a list will appear at the top with the members of the group, select the person you want to mention and the name will appear in the message in blue.

WhatsApp is the best messaging application in the world because its functions allow users to be in communication with friends and family all over the world; That is why he knows each of the tricks that you can put into practice in this app to get the most out of it and always be in communication.

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