How to Report and Report a Player or About Inappropriate Content on PS4? (Example)

There is nothing worse than an abusive player or who does not know how to behave, since those kinds of people are only there to ruin the game for othersThat is why it is imperative to know how to remove them from the community, and with that in mind today you will learn how to report a player or inappropriate content on PS4.

And, with a console as powerful as the PS4 (which allows you to edit videos with ShareFactory), it was obvious that being able to report people would be a process that would be included, and that’s right, the only problem is thate several steps are required to carry out the process, and that is why there are such guides.

How to report a player or inappropriate content on PS4?

Going straight to the point, to being able to report a player or inappropriate content on PS4, There are many ways, since it can be done from PC and the same console, so for the purposes of this tutorial, today you will be taught to carry out the process in both separately.

The first process is through the console, to achieve this you have to go to the message, group text, friend request, etc., that you think violated community rules (He was rude, racist, homophobic, etc).

Once you are in it, you must highlight by pressing the X of the control the part that you think is out of place, and then you have to press the option button on the PS4 controller.

ps4 console with controller on top

This action will display a mini menu with various options, choose the one with the name “Report”, and write the specific reason why you are reporting this irregular event to the Play moderators.

Once this is done, everything will be ready, so it is up to Play to sanction the person (you have nothing more to do yourself). It should be noted that you can make reports of anything, even the profile of a player and his ID, but the reasons you give have to be valid or you could be banned for defamation.

How to report inappropriate content from PC?

With the above, you already know how to report a player or inappropriate content on PS4 from your console, so it is time to explain the process on PC, so that you can leave here and go on to investigate better matters such as: How to download games to my PS4 from the Android cell phone?

Now, to be able to make the report on PC, you have to first go to the official PlayStation site, once there, log in (the start button is in the upper right part of the page).

When you are inside, scroll to the content you want to report (for example, a message that has been sent to you), and press the option “More options”, then click “Inform”, and again write the reasons why you are making this report, then click send.

How to report a player within a game?

Now that the initial question has been answered, and you know how to report a player or inappropriate content on PS4, it’s time you learned how report someone within a game.

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And the reality is that each game has its own reporting system, that is, each title manages its own rules and ways of doing things, so in none can you report someone the same.

To learn how to defend yourself in each title, you must look specifically how it is done in itFor example, if you play Fortnite, you can investigate How many reports are needed to ban someone in Fortnite? and How to report it?

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