How to Repost on Instagram from my iPhone or Android? (Example)

Surely you have ever seen an Instagram post whose footer said “Repost” which means that this account had taken the post from another account and shared it on their profile.

This is quite common when it comes to ad accounts such as clothing, footwear and accessories. We can also see it in artist accounts when they advertise a film or series in which they are about to work by taking the publication of the official account of said film.

Also in accounts of streaming platforms such as Netflix. So this tool is quite used and well known. If you have ever wanted to make a repost of a publication that you liked and that you want to share, but you don’t know how, here we will show you how. In this article you will learn how to make repost of Instagram accounts from your Phone or your Android device.

How to repost in Intagram using a ¡Phone?

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Although Instagram does not have an internal or native tool to make reposts, it is possible to do it using other alternatives that you can find in the App Store.

The process is the same with all apps, that is, after having chosen your favorite app, you just have to do the following.

Step 1

Start by opening the Instagram app.

Step 2

Choose the publication of your preference, which you will see below.

Step 3

Search the app for the post you want to repost. Once you have located it, press the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option “Copy link”.

Step 4

If the app you downloaded doesn’t open automatically after you’ve copied the link, open the app manually and wait for it to recognize that you’ve copied a link.

Step 5

After this, the post will be published. Some of the apps that we will name in this article, give you the option to display the name of the account from which you took the publication and its profile picture. You must choose if you want it to be visible or not.

Next you will know the two most used and recommended for ¡Phone.

Repost for Instagram

This app is quite easy to use and you just have to download it from the App Store.

Repost it for Instagram

This is one of the simplest apps to make this type of post and it won’t take you more than a couple of clicks.

Regrammer – Instagram Reposter

The difference between this app and the previous one is that it allows you to preview the publication so that you have an idea of ​​how it will look before being published.

How to repost on Instagram using an Android device?

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Once again, it is necessary to resort to the use of external apps to carry out this work. Even so, the process is quite simple and you just have to follow the same steps that we mentioned in the previous block. Here you will know the options of apps that you can use.

Repost for Instagram

This app is available for both OS as for Android and in just seconds you will have it on your device.

Regrann Pro

It is another of the most popular apps simple that you can use and it is also available in the Google Play Store. It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, so it is quite good in its field.

Easy Repost

In fairness to its name, its operation is quite easy and does not require that you know much about it or that you have used another similar app before.


Similar to the previous ones, this app allows you to do the same only by using more striking colors. So if you enjoy an app with a good color interface, this is for you.

Repost Photo & Video for Instagram

This tool not only allows you to repost your favorite photos, but you can also share the videos that you have liked from other accounts. So if you want a more complete and versatile app for reposting, we recommend using this one.

If you are new to using this platform and want to learn more tricks of this social network, we invite you to read the following articles that surely are of interest to you, how to upload and post photos to Instagram from your Windows PC, we also have How to copy and share the link from your Instagram account.

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