How to Request a Home Pickup of a Free Market Package Is it possible?

How to Request a Home Pickup of a Free Market

Many times the parcel companies are not very responsible regarding our shipments; since they can be lost, broken or damaged and they do not want to be responsible for what happened. True, it would be nice to have the option that they will take it to our house or work, in this article we will see if this is possible, if we can request a home collection of our free market purchase.

On the other hand, it may happen that we are not at home and we receive a package; in that case, we recently did an article answering that other question.

What is a home pickup?

It is a service that can be requested from the comfort of your home, or work, to facilitate your shipments or receive your purchases, it can also be used to send things to your loved ones, family, friends, or it can be used for your customers in the case of free market to facilitate the delivery of products for everyone.

It is important that you also know the responsibilities of the package delivery company so that something does not surprise you during the process.

It does not matter if you are a natural person, or a company that needs to request the service, it is still estimated that have certain requirements documentation to perform the same. Needed; Name and surname of the recipient, as well as their telephone, email, ID, address and city.

a seller organizing the day's shipments

In the case of the package, it is necessary to inform about its content, the measurements expressed in cm, approximate weight and the declared value of said merchandise. Have all these will facilitate the shipment of our package, since if we are missing any data, it may be left behind in pending to be sent.

A company that is in trend and provides the delivery service is DiDi delivery, if this company operates in your country, it is also a good option and you evaluate its process.

Is it possible to request a home pickup of a Mercado Libre package?

The answer to this question is yes, and The process is very simple, free market helps us in this since it gives us reliable options, the ones we need to protect our merchandise and makes all of us satisfied, both the customer and the seller. In case we want to request the home collector, this is requested by the client, but the seller is the one in charge of carrying out this process.

The first thing to check is if the sale is specified by market sent, only then will it be possible to print the label, to locate it we go to the menu where it says “Tasks by Lot”, we click on “Label Issuance“, Then we click on” Generate Labels “, the menu for issuing labels will appear,

In which we must place: the name of the account that made the purchase, then in the shipping form we place how we want to send the order, and the day and what time we want the package to be removed, we click on the magnifying glass search for the orders to appear in order to select them in order to issue the labels.

Once this is done, we proceed to request collectionWe do this by going to sales, we select the one we will proceed to send and click on “request collection”, a menu will open where the shipping company will appear, we must select the day and time we want the package to be picked up.

receive free market package

Ready this we proceed to pack, we must be very careful with this since we don’t want it to get damaged The merchandise, we identify our shipment with the label that we print at the beginning, we must be aware and avoid placing tape even if it is transparent on the barcodes, to avoid problems with the reader, we must also be careful that they are not bent or wrinkled .

As we have seen, it is very easy to request the home collection of a package in the open market, in simple steps You can make your request and thus guarantee that you will receive your order in the comfort of your home. If you need to solve other problems such as accepting a credit card in Mercado Libre, we also help you on our blog.

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