How to Request a Loan at Presta Luca or Advance Balance at Entel step by step

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It is interesting to find within the basic needs of the human being the fact of wanting to be in contact with their environment, especially if they are in a place other than their country. Forever you want to establish relationships with your family or friends even if it is making a long distance call from the pc or cell phone.

Technology in this particular has played a very important role in providing improvements in the way human beings communicate through a mobile phone. The use of this has become widespread in such a way that it is easy to manipulate in those places where the user spends his most time.

But, what can be done when the user wants to use his mobile phone or know a piece of information such as his number and after consulting he realizes that he has run out of balance. This article is intended to provide help to those who are in any country in Latin America and can solve this problem.

On this occasion, we will talk about the service provided by Presta Luca in Entel in those eventualities where people for different reasons run out of balance and want to communicate.

What is understood by Presta Luca?

Refers to a prepaid service that people can enjoy on their mobile phones, once they have made their respective recharges at the indicated stores. For this part, a prepaid cell phone is better than postpaid in case you were wondering.

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Some comment that this loan system Presta Luca has saved their lives when they have run out of balance, especially in those Latin American countries. Loans may be necessary in some cases, if you want to know what you need to request a loan online we will provide you with that information.

What are the benefits of Presta Luca?

The user can request 1,000 pesos from the company and dispose of them, but you must bear in mind that once you make the next recharge you must repay the loan to the company. The interesting thing is that it is a simple procedure.

If the person recharges 2,000 pesos to their plan 1,000 pesos will be automatically lowered, which were the ones he had requested through the loan.

Proceed to call 103 or directly using the official Entel application. This service has a price if the person does not have a recharge within 5 business days, which will be counted from the recharge date.


Can you request Presta Luca in your company?


One of the companies that you can go to in the event that the person runs out of balance is Wom. Here you will have at your disposal a service that will offer you as a loan $ 1,000 balance.

The user can benefit from what is called an extra balance, which is a new service. This consists in that once the person runs out of balance and the prepaid service stopped working, just by calling 103 and pressing an option (no. 2) you may require $ 1,000 or * 103 # and choose the . two.

These $ 1,000 that the person acquires It is valid for 5 days and you are charged a charge of $ 50 for the service provided. The user must be aware that when he makes his prepaid recharge, the total of $ 1,050 will be automatically deducted.


The system of this company is similar to the previous one, they call it easy loans. The step that must be taken is to go to the screen where calls are made and press the * 103 #, indicating the option . 4. Once this procedure is done, the person has to be patient. You must wait for the operation to be confirmed, then as soon as the process is finished you can use the new balance.


This company also offers the Presta Luca service to all those people who do not want to run out of balance. You just have to locate the screen where calls are made and press the no. * 3033 #.

You will be attended by an operator who will indicate which are the alternatives to choose. This service is only for those people who enjoy controlled and prepaid accounts. If the person wishes to obtain this, they must have a balance less than $ 1,000

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