How to Request a Refund on a Playstation Store Purchase

More than one person has bought a game, a downloadable content or a skin and has regretful of the purchase made. These cases are usually more common than one might imagine, but unfortunately nothing could be done.

Either because you have made the wrong DLC, Skin or game, there are a thousand reasons to regret a purchase made in the PS4 online stores, but that is no longer an inconvenience because the Playstation Store has recently included a refund system.

Best of all, you can request a refund on almost any product that you have obtained in the Playstation Store application. The process is simple and you can apply it as many times as you want, thus avoiding mistakes and receiving your money back that you can use to finance a next purchase in the Store.

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Next we will mention how the Playstation refund system works Store and the steps you must follow depending on the type of content purchased.

How to request a refund on the Playstation Store

Depending on the type of content you have obtained and the type of purchase (If this is a normal purchase or is a pre-order) the system to requesting a refund will vary; however, the steps to follow are very simple.

To start the refund process you must choose chat with a Sony representative on the official Playstation support website.

On the page where your browser appears you will have to select «Sony Account Help». After these you will have to click on the tab called contact us.

Ps games display

At this point they will ask for your PSN ID and the email that is linked to that account. After this they will put you in contact with a representative from whom you will ask for a refund.

This will request the name of the game or DLC what did you buy. Once you provide the information requested by the Sony representative, you should wait between one or two days for a refund for the full cost of the content.

Refunds for the purchase of digital content

This includes any type of content, from full games, to DLC, season passes, themes or skins. From the moment of the game order, you will have 14 days to request a refund.

However, if you have already started downloading the game or if you are streaming and have started streaming, you will automatically lose the ability to request a refund with the exception that the content is defective.

Refunds for pre-ordering digital content

This includes for all content that is purchased before the release date official. This type of reimbursement has two modalities depending on the date on which the title was acquired.

Pre-order made more than 14 days before launch

You can request a refund of your money at any time just before the game’s launch day. This means that if you ordered the game with months of anticipation at launch, you can order a refund any day before launch day.

Preorder made less than 14 days prior to launch

In this case, you will have 14 days to cancel the order and request a refund. In case you have done the preorder One week before the game, you can request a refund even after the game is launched.

Refunds for the purchase of subscriptions

All flat-rate purchases include Playstation Plus, Playstation Now, or EA Access. Once you buy a subscription to the Playstation Plus or Playstation Now service you will have 14 days to request a refund, taking into account that the free trial days are included within the 14 days.

PS control

In the event that you buy a subscription to a service like Playstation Plus and request a refund days later, you may be refunded a lower amount to the subscriber to compensate the use of the service.

On the other hand, if you purchase a subscription to a service in the Playstation Store, you acquire a permanent service that it cannot be refunded. In any case you can cancel the subscription; however, if you cancel, the service will be extended until the next billing period, stopping the monthly payment.

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