How to Request and Process a Copy of Certificate or Birth Certificate Online at Home

Our birth certificate or certificate is usually a extremely valuable document, which we will need at various times in our lives.

Most of the first-time procedures, how to obtain our ID or marriage certificate for the first time, require our birth certificate or certificate.

Processing a copy of our birth certificate or certificate is a free process and extremely simple, for which many people end up paying third parties because they do not know the steps to follow to process it.

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To request or process a copy of our birth certificate or certificate, we can personally contact the civil registration of our dependency or municipality.

On many occasions we cannot go to the civil registry to request the document or due to the pandemic that occurs due to security measures it is usually more feasible and safe carry out the procedure online.

Types of birth certificate or certificate

exist various ways To request the birth certificate or certificate, as it is a public document, processing it can be done free of charge and does not take more than an hour.

Many not knowing the steps and ways to process the certificate They end up paying large amounts of money to third parties so that they request their certificate when it is extremely simple.

certificate or birth certificate deeds

Before requesting our birth certificate or certificate we must know which one we need to be able to carry out the procedure. Common ones include:

  • Valid certificate: It certifies that a person is registered in the civil registry. If your certificate is valid, you will have no problem obtaining it anyway.
  • Invalid certificate: It is rare, it happens when the person is not registered in the registry (it can be taken as stateless).
  • Fragment: When only an extract of our certificate or birth certificate is requested. This is usually a summary of the minutes.
  • Exact copy: It is an identical copy to our certificate or birth certificate, which when certified has the same validity as the original document.

Steps to obtain a birth certificate or certificate online

Obtaining the birth certificate or certificate online is a quick process, sure and free that we can do online at:

  1. Enter in the Google search engine «Ministry of Justice electronic headquarters», among the pages that appear we will select «Certificate / Birth Certificate”.
  2. Then several options will appear, among which we will select «Request for electronic birth certification (for oneself)».
  3. It will initiate a redirection process to a new gateway where we will be asked to choose the identification method to request our certificate or birth certificate, the most recommended option is «DNIe / Electronic certificate» to use the electronic certificate or DNI that we have in our browser.
  4. After pressing accept, a new page will be loaded where our personal data will have already been recognized through the electronic certificate or DNI.
    A form will appear where we will have two options to request our birth certificate or certificate, through the «birth registration data», or «other data».
  5. After filling in the form with our data, a verification sheet will be displayed in which we can verify that we have correctly entered all our data. As we have no problems, we press send and a PDF file with our certificate or birth certificate.

Can I request my birth certificate without an electronic certificate?

In case you don’t know how to download and install an electronic certificate, the answer is yes. In the case of needing or wanting to request our certificate or birth certificate without electronic certificate the page of the electronic headquarters of the ministry offers us this option.

The steps to follow are the same as those mentioned above with the difference that we will click on the option «Online processing without digital certificate».

man signs birth certificate

In this option we must fill in a series of data which are; our personal data, our address data and finally, the aforementioned certification data.

It may turn out to be a longer process, so we must be patient and fill in all the data carefully to avoid inconveniences or errors.

With this option we can also request the third party birth certificate or certificate if we have your personal information and registration.

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