How to Request Multiple or Multiple Stops in a Single Uber Trip – Step Guide

The international company Uber, provides a magnificent transport service for users, providing comfort and safety. The best thing is that we can make use of this service, the App is available from the application store.

It offers security, since you are always in contact with the drivers and the routes used are followed, this allows them ensure the welfare of users and the driver himself that is providing the service.

It is necessary to use this means of transport, that you have the App on your mobile or device, including this application will provide you with rate data and the time it will take for the transport unit to arrive.

Different types of services provided

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The truth is that we all have different needs and circumstances, which is why Uber has created different types of services. Each one of them being equally designed for customer satisfaction, and are tailored to the user’s needs. One of the services is dispatch of orders, but it maintains its original base, the transfer of users quickly and comfortably.

uber gives you a fast and safe transportation service

Another service that includes comfort and safety is to be able to request luxury vehicles, of different sizes and with comfortable seats. Thus covering the needs and demands of users requesting the renowned Uber transport service.

This line has ideal vehicles for the safe and comfortable transfers of disabled people, as well as for pregnant women. It is advisable to know the types of services offered by Uber to choose the one that best suits our needs.

Another interesting fact about this company is that we can cancel the service in other additional ways and not just cash. Which is very useful, because using our mobile phone or any other electronic device we access our bank account. And so in an easy and simple way we learn to request the service through the App.

How to add more than one destination to the requested service

It is not a secret that sometimes there are many tasks that we have to do that important details escape us. Maybe in sometime we request an Uber service, we set the address and destination we want to reach in the registry.

And it turns out that when we are already on the road we remember that we have been left with an important task. Well, don’t worry, let’s not panic, Uber has at its disposal a very useful tool to help us with that matter.

This function is designed in a practical way so that we can access and order various destinations, quickly changing direction. In this way, when requesting a service, it is possible to make several stops before reaching the intended destination. Let us show you step by step how to add other stops using this function, before reaching your requested destination.

You must take into account that it is only allowed to add a maximum of two stops to your requested service, These will be done by the driver according to the order in which they were added, so plan well before adding them.

The waiting time for each stop must not exceed three minutes otherwise your rate will be modified. Make sure the driver has a permitted place to park while waiting for you to return.

uber you the option to make several destinations

Taking these details into account you can start to request your trip with multiple destinations, Go to the Uber App.

Step 1

Select the option where are you going, in add your destination a + sign will appear, select it and add your stops, Remember that this option is available for two stops, that is, this box will appear three times.

Step 2

Once you have entered the destinations you can finish making the request for the Uber transport service you need, this function of add multiple destinations It will also allow you to add a stop once the requested service trip has begun. To do this, enter your application, go to the current trip section and add the new destination.

Without a doubt, this transport company has designed its services thinking about how cover all needs of its users.

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