How to Request or Apply for the Minimum Vital Income – Minimum Vital Income

The coronavirus crisis has drastically affected the economy in our country, this has led many families to enter position of vulnerability. For this reason, the Spanish government has decided to approve a plan to support all the families that are affected.

The plan has been called minimum vital income, it consists of giving a minimum monthly support to families that are affected by this situation and request it. To avoid contagion and exposure to covid-19, this request is made through a web platform enabled only for this.

The monthly amount that families will receive will depend on the number of members that comprise it. These amounts range Come in 462 euros as a minimum and 1,015 euros as a maximum, The objective of this aid is to reduce poverty in our country.

What do I have to know to qualify for the minimum vital income?

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If we want to obtain this financial aid that the government has arranged, it is necessary to have a series of requirements. Among the most important to have all the legal documentation that characterizes us as citizens and our family, among other essential requirements.

If we have all the requirements, we will be able to request the minimum vital income from the official web platform. It should be noted that if our family is made up of several members, the registry must be requested by only one person, this person will register the whole family.

In order to apply for this benefit, we must follow a series of steps, it is important to follow the entire procedure correctly. In this article, we will learn how to request or apply for the minimum vital income.

Steps to follow to request the minimum vital income

The first thing we must do is access the official social security page, for this we must open our trusted browser. Once opened, we go to the search bar located at the top of the screen and look for the official social security site, which we can get through this link.

Request minimum vital income

In this way, we will enter the web page where we can request the minimum vital income. Now, we must select the option «Citizens», an options tab will automatically be displayed, where we will select the section «Family».

Next, we will go to the options that this function offers us, here we will see a list of alternatives that we can choose. We must select where it says «Minimum Vital Income», this is the fourth option going down.

Minimum vital income.

After performing the previous action, the «Direct access to procedures», where we can appreciate several alternatives. These options are what will help us verify our identity.

We can choose any of these sections; however, to explain this article we will choose the first option «Electronic certificate». To carry out the process using this option, we must first have our electronic certificate with our data installed on the computer.

How to add our data to obtain the minimum vital income?

If we already have it installed, a new window will open where we must select our electronic certificateAfter we select it, we click on «Accept». Depending on whether we are carrying out the procedure personally or we are doing it to another person, we must choose the corresponding option.

In the case of doing it for us, we will select the option «Act as interested» and we click on «Continue». Then, we must complete some contact information, this information will be used to communicate with us.

Among which we can appreciate, mobile phone, email and landline, below we will indicate the province in which we live. If we want, we can add a small observation in the box below.

Below, we must download a file by clicking on the option «Get it here»After we download it, we must print it. This document, we must fill it with all the information that they request, then we scan it and click on the option «To attach», now we will upload the file with all our data.

Finally, we verify that all the data entered in the file is correct and click on «To accept». Now, we just have to wait for them to contact us.

In this way we can request or request the Minimum Vital Income in Spain. Taking into account that it is a very simple process, but it is necessary to meet all the requirements to be able to request it.

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